Do Friends Get Notified When You Like Reposted Videos? Explained

After the repost feature has gone viral on TikTok, users claim that their friends do get notified when you like their reposted videos. Is this true? Do Friends Get Notified When You Like Reposted Videos? Here is everything you need to know.

Social media applications are constantly rolling out new features as customer satisfaction is their utmost priority. Considering the popularity of a few features on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, TikTok also has launched some new features. Among these, one of the most popular features that were rolled recently is the ‘Repost’ option.

As the name suggests, the ‘Repost’ option helps the users repost the videos they like on their handles. This feature is just being rolled out on the video-sharing app.

After this feature has got a lot of applause from the users, it also faced criticism after some users revealed that their friends get notified every they like their reposted video. Well, if it’s true, receiving notifications for all the reposted videos of friends is not going to be fun. Also, it is not going to be practical at all.

So, Do Friends Get Notified When You Like Reposted Videos? Here we have broken down everything about this concern.

TikTok Users Think That Their Friends Get Notified When You Like Reposted Videos

Image Of TikTok Users Think That Their Friends Get Notified When You Like Reposted Videos

The latest rumor that is swirling across TikTok reveals that TikTok will notify your friends whenever you like a video they have reposted to their handle.

Well, as of writing there is no information about any modification made to the repost feature by TikTok. These are just rumors that users are spreading across the platform.

Though TikTok has not addressed this rumor yet, TikTok users do not want any such modification to the repost option. They are not pleased with the idea thus they have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure.

Here is how users have reacted to this rumor on Twitter:

One user said, “What TikTok talking about my friends will be notified of the videos I’ve liked”

“TikTok: your friends are notified when you like a video they repost. You know, if I wanted everyone to know about my every interaction on this app, I would’ve plastered my password in my bio,” said another.

“Bro TikTok just be giving out notifications for anything, what do you mean my friends are getting notified if I liked the video they reposted”

Simply put, the idea of notifying friends when you liked their reposted videos has already faced backlash from users. They are not happy to have any such feature as they think it is putting their privacy at risk.  

TikTok ‘Your Friends Will Notified’ Rumor Explained

Image Of TikTok ‘Your Friends Will Notified’ Rumor Explained

If you are among the users who haven’t tried the repost option, it is a new feature rolled out by TikTok in the last month. In a very short time, this feature has amassed immense popularity among users.

The feature works just like the Retweet feature of Twitter and repost option of SoundCloud. This newly rolled feature enables the users to share the video with people who follow them. As you repost the video, it doesn’t appear on your handle but your followers can see it in their feed.

Before TikTok launched this feature, users had the option to share videos with individual users and in group chats. However, the repost option now enables you to share videos with your entire followers list. The only drawback of this video is that you cannot see it on your own handle.

You can follow the below steps to repost a video on TikTok:

  • To repost a video all you are required to do is, tap on the arrow button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the video.
  • Next, you have to tap on the round orange button that appears underneath the ‘Send to’ tab.
  • Click on this orange icon and the video will be shared with all your followers.

Some users didn’t like the feature from the very beginning as it seems more of a trouble to them. They reported that they have mistakenly reposted a video and now they are not able to find the video to reverse the repost.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not do your friends get notified when you like any of their reposted videos. For now, this is just a rumor as no modification to the repost button is being reported so far.

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