The Dawn of Time Travel Memes

Time Travel Memes

Time Travel memes are based on a joke format. The main theme of these memes has a time traveler unintentionally revealing the future to an unsuspecting person. The format’s punchline typically takes the form of a reaction image expressing surprise.

Men with a time machine meme

These are the time travel memes from 2020. This refers to another series of Girls vs Boys memes that tell us how men and women will react differently if they get access to a time machine. The jokes mostly make use of Soyjaks vs. Chads and Running Arnold Schwarzenegger meme formats in a humorous way.

Time-traveling – a fancy concept recognized in both philosophy and fiction, particularly science fiction. Moreover, It has linkages to Jews, Japanese and Hindu mythology, and traditions. So far, an ample of novels, movies, and TV series have creatively presented this concept.

How did the Time Travel Memes start floating around?

How can such a concept remain ignored on social media or not be a part of trend?

The memes appear to have an alleged association with the Doctor Who Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time”. The BBC broadcasted this on December 25th, 2017. The episode shows a remarkable encounter and interaction between the Twelfth Doctor (a time-traveling being) and a WWI Captain.

The first meme came out on February 27th, 2019 through a tweet on Twitter. This was a tweet by @townsinned.

In July 2019, Reddior user No-BrowEntertainment posted a similar joke that featuring a Toro Max reaction image. Others shared this meme.

World War I meme

Numerous other formats of this meme grew in popularity after this. On July 10th, Another Redditor user posted a variation of the meme that referenced resurrecting late actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson and featured the Surprised Joji reaction.

All of these posts received several thousand points and comments within less than a week.

Spread on Tiktok

In July, 2019, the spread of this meme started on Tiktok. The user @kristenpetratos posted a video rendition of the time traveler conversation. The video gained over 915,700 likes and 45,200 shares in four days.

The next day, many TikTok users posted similar videos using the same sound clip and the “distorted” effect at the end. TikTok user @ryaniscrying’s video gained over 582,200 likes and 19,800 shares in three days.

That same day, the TikTok user who uploaded the first soundbite used in time traveler videos, @rain_cwb , upload his own rendition based on the sound clip. The video garnered over 6,500 likes in three days.

Spread of Men with a time machine meme

On July 2nd, 2020, Korina-chan posted a Harambe  or Running Arnold Schwarzenegger Girls vs. Boys meme on Redditor. The post hilariously paralleled supposed behaviors of girls and boys in a scenario when time travel was invented. Thus, this post takes the accreditation to the origin of these memes.

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In July, memes went viral about a boy who is travelling in time warning various historical figures about their assassinations or other unfortunate events. These gained moderate spread on Reddit and Facebook. The posts generally showed running Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For example, on July 18th, Redditor Bergen01 reposted a meme about the assassination of Julius Caesar that received over 5,100 upvotes. The post was later removed. Facebook page ‘Rappers In Peculiar Places’ also posted a meme about Chief Keef that received over 2,400 reactions and 790 shares in one months.

Other variants of Girls vs. boys meme were shared in August this year on Redittor and Twitter.

Another version of these memes is ‘time travel meme what year is it’. In these, the subjects have travelled in time but after that they are not sure which year they are in.


This memes are a pure form of satirical expression on various subjects. Just sit on your couch and enjoy the best time travel memes on your favorite social media site.

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