Tweet Not Sent Issue – How To Fix?

Twitter users are upset as an issue that reads ‘Tweet not sent’ has made them post a Tweet two times from their handle. They are displeased over the issue not getting fixed. If you are among these Twitter users who are looking for ways to fix the ‘Tweet not sent’ issue on Twitter, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about this viral issue that Twitter users are coming across and some potential fixes to get rid of it.

Social media platforms often display tricky errors that annoy the users but it is very rare for Twitter to annoy its users with glitches. However, the Twitter fam is currently enraged as a potential glitch has made them send a Tweet two times. The error reads, ‘Tweet not sent’ and when the users try to send the Tweet again, they get welcomed by the Tweet two times.

People have started expressing their frustration but neither Twitter nor the Twitter owner has responded to the complaints.

If you are seeing this error on screen, make sure not to re-post the Tweet as the glitch is misleading several users. Check your feed before re-posting your Tweet.

What exactly the ‘Tweet not sent’ issue is all about and how to fix it? Below we have provided all the relevant details about it.

How To Fix Tweet Not Sent Issue On Twitter?

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The latest glitch that users on Twitter are coming across is the first major glitch for of the year 2023. When users are attempting to send a Tweet, they get welcomed by a glitch that reads, “We are sorry, we weren’t able to send your Tweet. Would you like to retry or save this Tweet in drafts?”

The error asks the users to either retry sending the Tweet or save it to the draft section. Following this, most users are attempting to resend the Tweet only getting to see the Tweet being posted two times.

Despite the error message, the Tweets get posted. It is simply tricking the users and they are not happy about it. After sending the Tweet again, some users received a notification on their screen that reads, “Tweet already sent.”

One user revealed the issue saying, “Yeah then straight after one saying oops you already sent that Tweet”.

Tweet Not Sent Issue How To Fix

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Users are annoyed after a useless glitch has wasted their time. The issue started annoying the users on 23rd Jan 2023. Some users are trying to inquire about the issue on Twitter. Here is how users have responded to the issue:

One user wrote I am unable to send Tweet using my iPad. What could be the reason? Is there any problem with iOS app? It says “Tweet was not sent” and it goes to the draft folder, facing the problem since yesterday night.”

Another user asked, “Mine kept saying Tweet not sent, but when I checked they were sent”.

 “Yes. It says the Tweet wasn’t sent but it is sent and is going to your drafts”, added another user.

“The Twitter bugs are now insane. been battling “Tweet not sent” prompts even when my tweets were sent, and now I just saw three spinner instances while trying to load a comment section”, exclaimed one.

Twitter has not responded to this glitch yet. Elon Musk also has not talked about the issue. However, the widespread nature of the issue makes it look like a bug.

One possible reason for this issue might be an outdated Twitter app version. So, make sure to update your Twitter app to its newest version.

If the issue still prevails, wait for Twitter to fix the issue at the server’s end.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the ‘Tweet not sent issue’ all about and a potential fix to get rid of it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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