How To Limit Who Can See Your Tweets On Twitter – Revealed

Twitter has rolled out some extremely important features and one of them is to limit who can see your Tweets, but how does this feature work? We have broken down everything about how to limit who can see your tweets on Twitter and all about the new Twitter circle feature. Stay tuned!

Twitter users are talking all about the Twitter circle feature that allows the users to limit who can see their Tweets. Users have revealed that it is an extremely important feature and they are glad that Twitter rolled it.

This feature is quite similar to the Instagram close friends feature which enables you to share stories with only a limited number of audiences.

It has become quite common for social media users to have hundreds and thousands of followers, but sometimes you got you to share content or information with your close ones only, in such a scenario features like Instagram close friends and Twitter circle come as saviors.

Although, Instagram close friends feature is quite old and every one of us is aware of it, here we have going to discuss everything about the Twitter circle feature and how to limit who can see your tweets on Twitter.

How To Get The Twitter Circle Feature?

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Twitter circle feature is the recent trending feature on Twitter. The feature enables you to share your Tweets with a limited number of followers. For a single Twitter circle, you can add up to 150 people. But, you can only have one circle at a time. And the ones you have added in the circle can screenshot and post your Tweets. This feature is the best one if you want to share something with your limited friends, it wouldn’t be wrong if I say the nonjudgmental ones. Well, yes!

Further, the list of people added to this circle will only be visible to you, and all the Tweets you will make for the circle will have the retweet option unavailable.

People on Twitter are comparing this feature to Twitter’s other feature ‘Twitter Super Follows’. Although both the features are quite similar in functionality but there is one major difference. For Super Follows you have to pay money in order to see the Tweets of a person. On the other hand, you need to pay for the Twitter circle feature. It is free for all and anyone can join in.

How To Limit Your Tweets On Twitter?

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The Twitter circle feature was made available to a limited number of users in the month of May but it was later introduced to a wider audience in the month of July. However, now it is available for all Twitter users across the globe.

To get the Twitter circle feature, you first have to go to the settings. In the settings, you will find the Twitter circle feature, tap on it. To add people to your circle, simply click the edit option and select your circle from your entire follower’s list. Add the non-judgmental squad and the offcourse the trustable ones. Voila! You have created your Twitter circle.

The feature has paved the path for the game of favorites and users cannot stop joking about the feature on Twitter. Users are coming up with hilarious memes following this new Twitter feature. Some have shown disappointment for not being part of the circle and are mourning as they will miss out on the drama now.

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The Last Words

 This was all about How To Limit Who Can See Your Tweets On Twitter using the Twitter Circle feature. Hopefully, you have found all the details about this viral Twitter feature.  

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