Twitter Profile Views Feature – Is The Feature Out?

Twitter users think the platform has enabled the Profile views feature. This topic is being hugely discussed on the platform so we have come up with detailed information about whether this feature is really available on Twitter or not. Stay tuned!

If you are an avid Twitter user, you must have come across a few Tweets that claim that Twitter has enabled the Profile Views Feature. Though these Tweets stem from unknown sources, people are spreading them across several social media platforms.

Simply put, these are just rumors and there is not a single way you can keep stock of your Twitter profile views. A similar rumor was flaunting across TikTok that revealed that Snapchat is bringing back the Best Friends list on October 1st, 2022. This speculation too didn’t sit well with the social media users.

Twitter has never enabled the Twitter Profile Views Feature and there is no information from the app about doing so in the future as well. So, why are these speculations swirling around Twitter and why are people relying on these rumors, we have gathered all the details below.

Is The Twitter Profile Views Feature Enabled?

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Just like the other major social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, Twitter also doesn’t support the profile view feature. It has never talked about rolling out this feature in past, so there are very few chances that we will get a chance to see this feature on the platform.

However, there are several users on social media who want to keep stock of their profile visitors. This is the reason why such rumors step on social media platforms.

These recent speculations have made it clear to the users that they cannot stalk a certain user any longer as they will get to know about the former’s activities. However, these speculations do not stand true and you still can stalk your Twitter crush without letting them know about it.

Some users on Twitter are demanding this feature on the platform while others have revealed that they want these activities to be private so that they can stalk people peacefully.

Can We Check Who Viewed Our Profile On Twitter?

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Users on Twitter have reacted to these speculations strongly. Some are happy to know about the arrival of this feature while others are upset about it. Below is how users have reacted to the rumors:

One user said, “Profile views real?? Not on Twitter man let me look in peace”.

Another wrote, “Are Twitter profile views real because that is bad news for me”

“Twitter now has profile views????? I’m done with this app,” reported one.

Another joked, “I can’t see the profile views. But as soon as I get it I’m gonna interrogate every single one of you who’s been stalking me”.

The majority of users are worried after encountering the Tweets revealing the arrival of the Twitter profile views feature. However, there is no official announcement about this feature’s arrival.

One feature of the profile visitors that is currently available on Twitter is the analytics dashboard. It only tells about the total number of profile visits in a month. It doesn’t reveal the identity of users.

Talking about this feature, Twitter revealed in one of their blogs that:

“This number is reflected across a 28-day period and is updated daily. It also shows how it compares to the last 28-day period”.

So, it is safe for now to say that the Twitter Profile visitors Feature is not currently available. You can stalk safely!

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not the Profile views are revealed on Twitter. Hopefully, you are relieved to know that this feature is not currently being rolled on the app.

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