Was Digital Princxss Arrested? All About The TikTok Star

The news about the arrest of the TikTok star Digital Princxss is flaunting across the internet, but was she really arrested? Let’s discover together!

In the last few days, the picture of TikTok star Digital Princxss (Digital Princess) mugshot went viral on the snippet-sharing app. Following this scenario, the popular content creator has broken her silence.

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you might have seen the star Digital Princxss facing hot waters before. Previously, Digital Princxss Aka Marissa Cloutier who then went by the username Pokeprincxss was sued by Nintendo against copyrights infringement. Yet again, the TikTok star is facing controversy and fans are curious to know the back story.

Here is more about Digital Princxss’ viral Mugshot. Stay tuned!

Digital Princxss Aka Marissa Cloutier Arrested

Image Of Digital Princxss Aka Marissa Cloutier Arrested

On Friday, 27th August, some alleged court documents along with a mugshot of Marissa went viral on the internet. The post also contained some details that are said to be shared by the Lee Country Sheriff’s Office.

According to this viral post, the reason for Digital Princxss’ arrest was child neglect. The viral post also showcased that she was released on the same day. As soon as the post became viral, her fans were sharing their outlook about the case. Many of her fans are demanding to get her “canceled” and they are in search of some more questions.

Right after the post went viral, Marissa has made all her social media accounts private. She also has rolled a video on TikTok, talking about the incident. In the video she can be heard saying, everything you find on the internet is not always right.

She added, “Hi guys, I just wanted to come on here and say I do see your comments, I do see your concerns. I am not trying to hide or avoid the situation. For those of you who know how legal stuff works, legally, I am only allowed to say so much regarding it.”

She further continued: “I know there are a lot of things being posted online and they are very much out of context and very much untrue. Please do not believe everything that you would read on the internet.”

She concluded the video by saying: “I can’t really say much more. I just want to say thank you so much for those who have supported me and everything like that. Thank you, guys.”

Was Marissa Cloutier Really Arrested?

While Marissa Cloutier was said to be arrested for child negligence, she has claimed that the news flaunting across the internet is pretty irrelevant. She has requested her fans not to believe what they are coming across on the internet. Marissa has further expressed her gratitude towards the people who have stood by her side during this crucial time.

As Marissa Cloutier has currently become the talk of the town, people have started digging out some previous incidents as well.

Just a year earlier, Marissa discussed with her fans that she was forced to change her username as Nintendo was against her having pokeprincxss. According to Game Rant, Marissa adopted the username pokeprincxss because she was inspired by Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise. However, she changed her username to Digital Princxss after being sued by Nintendo.

Marissa had also started selling her merchandise online inspired by Pokemon but she again received a cease and desists from Nintendo because they didn’t want the people to think that they were collaborating. However, the issue was settled after Marissa rebranded her social media accounts.

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Final Words

This was all about why and when was the digital Princxss Arrested. Hopefully, the article has provided all the information you needed to know. Drop a comment in the below comment box, if you need any further detail.

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