What Are Those Loud Booms In San Diego? Debunked

People residing in San Diego have taken to Twitter to talk about the loud booms that they have heard, they are inquiring what those loud booms were. After the news about these mysterious sounds has gone viral on the internet, several conspiracies have stemmed and some users are even relating it to the bizarre white dust falling from the sky.

Over the past week, the residents of San Diego have reported hearing mysterious booms. The booms were so loud that the residents even started freaking out. Some Twitter users have claimed that the booms were so strong that they shook their houses and it felt like a huge earthquake.

After hearing these strange loud blast sounds, users rushed to Twitter to confirm if anyone around them heard it too. To their surprise, the blast sounds were heard by hundreds of other residents of San Diego. Some reported it to be an earthquake; some have related it to some underwater phenomenon while others think it has something to do with a snow-like substance falling from the sky in Maryland and West Virginia.

About the odd snow-like substance, social media users have revealed that it is something sticky and leaves a milky residue on hands when touched.

Here we have debunked the truth behind these strange booms heard in San Diego.

Loud Booms Heard In San Diego

Image Of What Was The Loud Boom Heard In San Diego

As per the information provided by the residents of San Diego, the booms were heard at 4.34 pm on Monday (February 27). The sound was so loud that it caused their houses to shake and some people even evacuated their houses perceiving it to be an earthquake.

Many of the residents took to Twitter to see if they are the only ones getting exposed to these strange loud noises. One person wrote, “Anyone else in San Diego hear/feel that mysterious boom just now?”

Another replied to this Tweet saying, “Yep, just came to Twitter to confirm. Super loud”.

Another jumped on to the conversation by adding, “Yes, whole building shook in Mission Beach.”

Revealing how severe the booms were, one user wrote, “It was scary! Walking my dog across the street and he bolted. All the neighbors came out to ask about it”.

Another boom was heard early morning on 28th February in San Diego. Reporting about it one user wrote, “Like a plane landed on our roof. Huge boom and rattle”.

Another said, ‘4:34 pm in San Diego— sonic boom? wind? or earthquake?’

What Was The Loud Boom Heard In San Diego?

Image Of Loud Booms Heard In San Diego

Many of the residents believe it was an earthquake however the US Geological Survey has not reported any quake near San Diego.

People seem freaked out and they have taken to Twitter to talk about it. One person reported the noise saying, “Another mysterious NOT EARTHQUAKE boom in San Diego. Weird stuff man.”

Another added, “I be hearing these random ridiculously loud booms in the middle of the day and like, I keep thinking it’s an earthquake but nothing is registering. It’s some weird s*** going on in San Diego”.

“I need someone to tell me what that boom was!!!” wrote another twitter user.

“Boom. Another boom here in San Diego just now. Shook the house. What are they? What’s going on?” revealed another.

Though there is no confirmed information about where these booms come from, a spokesperson from the Marine Corps said:

“Although I cannot confirm the exact noise, booms or shakes you are referring to and its cause, here at Camp Pendleton we are conducting routine live-fire training with high explosive munitions that may be heard throughout any time of the day.”

So, it is likely that the booms were just caused by a military base in San Diego for conducting explosive ammunition training.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what those loud booms heard in San Diego are and everything about the controversies around them. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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