What Are YouTube Handles? New Feature Explained

YouTube has just introduced YouTube Handles and users are wondering to know what they actually are. If you are among these users looking to know what the newly launched YouTube Handles are, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about YouTube Handles.

TikTok is constantly striving to bring the best quality to its users. Just now, rumors have taken over the social media platforms that YouTube has increased the Premium Family plans. Though YouTube has not addressed the rumors, it is reported that the app has added $2-$4 per month to all of its subscription plans.

In recent days, the video-sharing platform has also revealed its monetization policy for short video creators. Overall, the app is rolling out new features and updates to keep the customer value at its maximum.

YouTube has made several changes ever since its launch. Over a few last years, we have seen some major additions to the platform that has changed the entire look of the platform.

The most recent addition to the platform is TikTok Handles and users are wondering to know what they actually are. If you are among these users looking to know what the YouTube handles are, below we have provided all the available information. Have a look!

YouTube Handles Explained

Image Of YouTube Handles Explained

YouTube handle refers to a username on social media that usually appears next to an @ symbol, just like the usernames on Twitter and Instagram.

As of writing, the video-sharing platform only had channel names, that appear at the top of the YouTube channels and they are written in large black letters.

As YouTube has also come up with the concept of handles, every YouTube user will now have a channel name and a handle. This feature was added to bring YouTube aligned to all other social media platforms.

YouTube users will be able to see the handle as part of the Channel URL and it can be used to direct people to a specific channel easily.

The handle will appear in more than one location. It will be present on the main channel page, Shorts tab, in Search results, and in comments and mentions.

Team YouTube has announced the new feature in their recent Twitter post saying:

‘Announcing YouTube handles a unique identifier to help people more easily discover & connect with you & your channel.

Your existing channel URLs, names, etc will continue to work & we’ll notify you when you can choose your handle.”

YouTube Handles Meaning

Image Of YouTube Handles Meaning

Now that the news about YouTube handles is going viral, users are wondering to know if they can change their handle or if it will simply be related to the Channel name.

Well, if you have a personalized URL, your handle will be reserved as per the URL. However, it can be changed at any point in time.

To change your handle, you will be required to visit the YouTube Studio section. You can access this section by clicking on the bubble located in the top right-hand corner.

For the users who haven’t chosen a handle for themselves, the video-sharing platform will start assigning people with handles as per their channel name.

Remember that, every user will have a unique handle and it cannot be replicated. If you want your handle to be different than your channel name or the URL, you will be required to select the handle before anyone else does. If you don’t make it to reserve your desired handle now, it may later be taken over by any other user.

This is the only time to select your YouTube handle because not all users are aware of this development. Before everyone gets to know about it and your handle gets taken over by any other user, reserve your desired handle. So, that you don’t get troubled next time.

If you still don’t understand what the YouTube handles are, you can visit the official YouTube channel to get a detailed explanation.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the YouTube handles are and how they are going to function. You can visit Youtube/handle.com to get more information about this new feature.

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