Is SZA’s Song Shirt Leaked On Spotify? Rumors Debunked

Rumors on Twitter claim that the long-awaited SZA’s Song Shirt is leaked on Spotify. Amid the leak rumors, fans are suggesting her to roll the song as soon as possible. Is SZA’s Song Shirt really leaked on Spotify? Here we have debunked all the Twitter rumors. Stay tuned!

Fans are anxiously waiting for SZA to announce the release date for her upcoming SZA song. The singer has talked about her upcoming single and has hinted at a collab with Doja Cat. However, she has not announced a release date yet.

While fans are waiting for SZA to announce the release date for Shirt, rumors claim that the song was mistakenly leaked on Spotify. Reports further claim that the single is currently not available on the music streaming platform and it is being taken down immediately.

However, concerned fans of SZA have suggested her to release the album as soon as possible. But, SZA has not talked about the release date as of writing, nor she has given her stance about the leak rumors.

Here we have broken down all the details about whether or not is SZA’s song Shirt leaked on Spotify and the expected release date for the album.

Fans Urging SZA To Release Shirt As Soon As Possible

Image Of Fans Urging SZA To Release Shirt As Soon As Possible

Fans of SZA are concerned as the claims about Shirt being leaked are swirling on the internet. Before getting into the details, let us clear the air, Shirt is currently unavailable on all the music streaming platforms and it is not being released yet.

SZA has also remained silent during this entire situation and she also has not talked about the release date for her forthcoming single. However, rumors revealing that the track was leaked have made her fans more concerned.

As of writing, neither Spotify nor SZA has addressed the rumors about Shirt being leaked on the music streaming platform.

We have reached both Spotify and SZA for a comment on this but we are yet to get a reply.

Amid this, if you get to see the leaked version of the Shirt, you are requested to report it and share it with the concerned authorities.

SZA fans are also requested to wait patiently for the official release of the Shirt. We are expecting that this single by SZA will soon be made available for the fans, until then, let’s wait calmly.

Was Shirt Really Leaked On Spotify?

Image Of Was Shirt Really Leaked On Spotify

There is no confirmed information about whether or not Shirt was released on Spotify. However, several of SZA’s fans have taken to Twitter to express their concern about the rumor. Fans are not really pleased to hear the news about Shirt’s leak. They have urged SZA to release the album as soon as possible.

The rumor spread on Twitter and other social media platforms after a Twitter account titled ‘Pop Crave’ made a Tweet Saying:

“Spotify has removed SZA’s “Shirt” after it was mistakenly released on the platform.”

Here is how SZA fans have reacted to the rumor on Twitter:

One person wrote, “SZA please release Shirt please release the album soon”, although it is single.”

Another said, “@SZA please tell me the Shirt is dropping tonight”.

A shocked fan asked, “Wait so SZA’s Shirt was a leak?”

Another user Tweeted, “I was going to listen to Shirt after Midnights (by Taylor Swift). Why did they do SZA like that?

“SZA shirts being leaked then taken off the platform too it’s been a chaotic moment”, added a concerned fan of SZA.

Fans have expressed their concerns by pouring Tweets on Twitter but SZA has remained silent during this entire situation.

Nonetheless, Shirt is going to be really interesting for fans as it is expected to unite SZA and Doja Cat. SZA hinted at the collab with Doja in performance during Mad Cool Festival in Madrid.

Addressing her audience SZA said, “Want to know a secret? Do you all want to know who’s on this song? It’ll be like our secret, right? The hint is we already have a song together. Her name starts with a ‘D’ and it rhymes with Soulja.”

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The Last Words

This was all about whether or not SZA’s song is being leaked on Spotify. How excited are you for this forthcoming single? Let us know in the comment box below.

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