Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Christmas Tweets — Explored

Neil Degrasse Tyson’s recent Tweets regarding Christmas have landed him in hot waters. The Astrophysicist is now trending on the internet for all wrong reasons. Here is what he has said about Christmas, Santa Claus, and his reindeer.

Well, this is not the first time Neil Degrasse Tyson has gone viral on the internet for his Tweets. His tweets have often baffled the users and have created controversies among them. His Twitter followers are again being confused reading the information Neil has shared in his Tweets.

He began talking about Christmas on December 24th with a Tweet that reads, “Tweets from my Santa Archive. All day today.  Stay tuned”.

Following this tweet, he has made a series of Tweets where he talked about Christmas and the rituals surrounding this eve. Let’s dig out everything he has talked about.

What Did Neil Degrasse Tyson Say In His Recent Christmas Tweets?

Image Of What Did Neil Degrasse Tyson Say In His Recent Christmas Tweets

Most of Neil Degrasse Tyson’s tweets comprise his opinion about certain myths. He compares myths with science and talks about how the myths are being carried forward over time.

Using some laws of physics he tried to explain that ‘Santa isn’t real and the story of St. Nick couldn’t possibly be true.

He also has talked about Santa’s reindeer and their presentation. Some Twitter users haven’t found his tweets suitable. Following his first Tweet, Neil rolled another saying, “Something Einstein’s Theory of Relativity never considered: Maybe Santa’s Reindeer are stationary, and it is we who fly past them on Christmas Eve.”

In another Tweet, he argued that the North Pole clock-time can’t exist because “Longitude lines are the boundaries of Time Zones.” He also wrote that “the actual time of day has no meaning.” Justifying this tweet he further said, “Santa surely keeps track of how many hours pass & how long the Elf union allows them to work, but on the North Pole, where all Time-Zones meet, the actual time of day has no meaning.”

Neil Degrasse Tyson Christmas Tweets

Image Of Neil Degrasse Tyson Christmas Tweets

Following the tweets made earlier Neil rolled a series of few more tweets where he wrote:

“Since the Northern Arctic is just ocean, Santa’s North Pole workshop has only ever existed on a floating sheet of ice.”

He further added, “Images that portray Santa’s workshop with pine trees and snow-capped hills on the horizon are geographically underinformed”.

Considering his first Tweet, users are looking forward to knowing more of his opinions and to argue more.

Most of the Twitter users aren’t agreeing with Neil Degrasse Tyson and they have claimed that the Astrophysicist is overanalyzing myths and is trying to add meaning to them.

Replying to one of his tweets a user wrote, “They are MAGIC reindeer and sled. Those can withstand very high temperatures. Keep up, Neil.”

While another user explained his thoughts about the tweets saying:

“Uhh, that’s not an issue for Santa. He’s a paracausal entity that has multiple ways to overcome this issue. 1) his sleigh doesn’t move through space, space moves through it. 2) he has the ability to create an ultra hyper cavitating field around an air pocket that can travel”

Another user wrote a sarcastic tweet saying, “If you have never seen Neil deGrasse Tyson and Santa Claus in the same place at the same time could they be the same person?”

The Twitter users do not seem to settle for Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Christmas Tweets. They have been arguing all day long.

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Final Words

This was all about what Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Christmas Tweets say and the reaction of people towards it. Hopefully, you have got all the information you needed to know.

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