What Is An iPod? Apple Discontinued Its Iconic Music Player

The tech giant has discontinued its iconic music player called ‘iPod’ and Gen-Z is wondering to know what an iPod actually is. If you are among such internet users unaware of the existence of Apple’s music player ‘iPod’ here is what this product is and why Apple discontinued the music player.

After a long long 21-years journey, Apple has finally announced discontinuing its iconic music player. From now onwards, these Apple music players will not be produced and they will be sold until the stock lasts.

As most of the Apple products have integrated music features, there was actually no need for such music devices anymore. Talking about the discontinuation of the Apple iPod, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak revealed,

“Today, the spirit of iPod lives on. We’ve integrated an incredible music experience across all of our products”.

However, on Twitter Gen-Z is stunned to know any such music player existed, and they are looking to know what actually an iPod is. If you are sailing in a similar boat, here we have gathered all the information about iPod that you must know before the stock ends.

Gen-Z Asks What iPod Is

Image Of Gen-Z Asks What iPod Is

Millennials are stunned to know that Gen-Z actually didn’t know the iPod existed. It is very rare for Apple products to not be famous among the people. However, the revelation that youngsters were not aware of this music player has shocked many internet users.

After Apple’s announcement of discontinuing the music players, Twitter users have filled the platform with questions like ‘What is an iPod?’ and ‘How long did it remain in the market’?

Well, although it is strange for people to not know about this Apple product, but this is the fact. Internet users who especially are born after the year 2012 are not aware of this iconic music player. These users have grown up in an era when iPhones were already widespread and almost every Apple product was integrated with music, so this is why they don’t have any information about what this music player was all about.

These music devices were launched by Apple some 21 years ago. These classic Apple music players come with a sliding wheel or the nano model that is clipped to your clothes. It used to come in several vibrant colors and it was so cool to have a Nano Apple music player clipped on your shirt. But how sad the Gen-Z was not even aware of it and they are being discontinued already.

Apple Discontinued Its Iconic Music Player iPod

Image Of Apple Discontinued Its Iconic Music Player iPod

Here is what users wrote on Twitter about the Apple music player.

One user wrote: “upon mentioning I used to play games on this apple product when I was in middle school, the girl I’m babysitting asked 1) was jojo siwa alive then and 2) what is an iPod”.

Another said, “I found my iPod touch, and my 6-year-old was just so blown away. “what is an iPod, mom?” I always knew I would have to explain tapes. And cd’s. And dvd’s, and vhs. but the IPOD?!”

Users who have spent their childhood using this Apple music player have expressed their love for the product in the following words:

One user wrote:

“Why is no one talking about how apple just discontinued iPod like this isn’t a death in the family, rip”

“Damn… lowkey a little sad to see that Apple has officially discontinued the iPod from today.

This thing changed the music game forever. RIP”, said another user.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the iconic music player was, and why Apple decided to discontinue it now. Hopefully, you have got all the information you were looking for.

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