What Is Going To Happen On March 7th — Debunked

Another day another conspiracy on the video-sharing app! TikTok users believe that something important is going to happen in the upcoming week. But what exactly is going to happen on Monday, March 7th? We have gathered all the information here for you.

Who doesn’t know about the viral conspiracies of the TikTok users? Well, everyone is aware of how users on TikTok love to scare their fellows using by making random predictions. From time travelers to the conspiracy that talked about the world ending on 27th August, we have come across several predictions that were mere speculations.

This time again, the users are expecting the 7Th of March to be an important date for the users on TikTok. What exactly is going to happen on March 7th? We have rounded up all the available information here.

What Is Happening On March 7th?

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Monday, March 7th is going to be an important date for the TikTok users. As the date is getting closer, the curiosity among people is soaring. Being curious, several users are inquiring about the date thus the hashtag March 7th has now landed on the foryou page.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, people expect the date to be disastrous for some content creators. Will the world end on March 7th or are we going to expect a zombie apocalypse? If you are thinking anything similar, you are thinking a lot.

On this viral date, TikTok users are expecting all the football pages to get removed from the TikTok app. The pages that contain copyrighted images and videos of footballers will be taken down.

The content creators who are coming up with such videos are worried as they have garnered millions of followers on their handles. Although TikTok hasn’t talked about this yet, users are wishing the claims to be false.

Here are some notable reactions shared by TikTok users following the date ‘March 7th’:

One video said, “If it’s true about March 7th, these are my goodbyes”.

Another user wished, “Hope the rumors about March 7th aren’t true.”

“Me thinking of March 7th,” wrote a third user whilst sharing a series of photos of people crying.

What Special Is Going To Happen on March 7th?

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As the viral rumor is getting traction on the Chinese video-sharing app, users believe this is due to copyright issues. Football accounts often post videos and images taken from the official pages of players and clubs and repost them without taking permission.

One user said, “I think all football accounts are getting banned for copyright.”

Another added, “Apparently TikTok is banning all videos or accounts related to football.”

“Football accounts are getting banned on that day,” revealed another user.

Despite the overwhelming response from the users about the date, TikTok hasn’t responded to any of the queries yet. However, it is confirmed that TikTok is going to revise its community guidelines on the said date.

To get further details about the rumor, we have reached the TikTok support, but they haven’t come up with a statement yet. So, there is no confirmation that the handles containing football-related content will be banned on TikTok.

The new measure that TikTok is going to add to their community guidelines also is not expected to affect football accounts specifically.

As far as copyrighted content is concerned, TikTok has always been strict about it. Let’s wait for the TikTok guidelines to be revealed on 7th March, only then can we confirm whether or not anything solid is going to happen on the due date.

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Last Words

This was all about what is going to happen on 7th march 2022 as conspiracies have taken over the foryou page. Hopefully, we are been able to provide all the details you were looking for.

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