Wap Speed Dance Challenge TikTok — Explained

A new dance challenge titled ‘Wap Speed Dance’ is taking over the TikTok app and users are getting crazy about it. If you are a dance enthusiast here we have broken down every single move for you to excel in the Wap Speed Dance Challenge.

If you are going through bad times, TikTok challenges are an incredible way to stay amused and to forget all your troubles.

Besides being the greatest tools to stay entertained, these challenges also help you garner millions of views and hearts if you are a content creator. If you are working lately to increase your follower’s count then you should cope with all the challenges that reach the foryou page.

The current viral challenge on TikTok is Wap Speed Dance and users are going crazy about it. If you are eyeing being part of this dance trend, here we have gathered all the essential details about this trend.

What Is Wap Speed Dance Challenge On TikTok?

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Wap Speed Dance Challenge is the latest dance trend to go viral on the video-sharing app TikTok. The challenge sees users dancing to a song. What’s special about the trend is, you have to keep dancing while the speed of the beat keeps increasing.

You can only complete the challenge if you are a pro dancer, else dancing with the increasing speed of beat will be tricky.

Whether you will be able to complete this dance challenge or not, it is going to be fun. Considering the growing popularity of this dance trend, thousands of video creators have already hopped into it and the trend is getting even more traction.

As of now, the hashtag #speedchallenge has boasted over 737 million views and around 75k videos are being shared under the challenge.

The challenge has just joined the platform and it has earned immense attention from the users. The music used for the challenge is a personalized one. It initially plays the beat at a slower pace and keeps increasing the speed up to 10x.

Even though the beat keeps catching speed, you have to keep going with the same moves. If you are able to keep dancing following the same moves, you can complete the challenge, if not you need more practice.

How To Do The Wap Speed Dance Challenge On TikTok?

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The music for this trendy TikTok dance challenge is created by @ynhedits. This creative TikTok creator has edited the songs to play the beat at a faster pace.

Most of the video creators who have joined the trend are using the same dance moves. There are very few videos that have shown us a creative side by showing some different moves. TikTok users who have participated in the trend have revealed that Wap Speed is a fun challenge and a great exercising idea.

If you are willing to be part of this viral challenge, we would suggest you do it along with your dance partner. You can also try it along with your friends to witness the real fun.

Here are some of the comments made by the TikTok users about this popular dance trend:

One user wrote in their caption while rolling the dance video, “OOOO HAHHA DOING THE SPEED CHALLENGES ON BLADES IS SO FUN”.

Another said, ‘lMFAO its so fast and is hell fun’.

‘Wap Speed Dance Challenge on TikTok is a whole fitness routine’, wrote another user.

Sharing the video of her ‘Wap Speed Dance Challenge’, one user wrote, ‘It’s getting me crazyyyy’.

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Final Words

This was all about the ‘Wap Speed Dance Challenge’ on TikTok and ways to be part of it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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