What Is The Meaning Of She’s A 10 But Memes Twitter — Explained

Users of the Bird App are flooding the platform with ‘She’s A 10 But’ memes and here we have explained what the meaning of this trend is. If you are among the users willing to get an idea about what the meaning of She’s A 10 But memes on Twitter is, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about it. Stay tuned!

Besides TikTok, one more platform that is famous for meme trends is Twitter and Twitter users do not miss any chance to be part of viral trends. Currently, the viral trend ‘She’s A 10 But’ memes are flooding Twitter and few users seem tired of it, but what does it actually mean and why is it getting so popular? We have gathered everything here in this article.

Keep reading to get the answer to your question, ‘What Is The Meaning Of She’s A 10 But Memes Twitter’.

She’s A 10 But Meme Meaning On Twitter

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It is human nature that, whenever you love someone you forget all of their flaws. However, no one is perfect and everyone has flaws.

Considering the fact that every one of us is created imperfectly, Twitter users have started a trend that asks them to count the flaws of their loved ones. Even though your partner may seem a perfect 10 to you but you have to state their weaknesses following this trend.

You have to begin saying, ‘She’s 10 but’ followed by their major flaw. So, what the meaning of these viral Twitter memes ‘She’s A 10 But’ is that, although your partner looks perfect to you but they surely have some flaws.

Thousands of users have participated in the trend making it go viral on several platforms. Here are some of the flaws that Twitter users have shared about their partners following this viral meme trend.

One user wrote, “She’s a 10 but she has multiple bacterial colonies growing in the cups beside her bed.”

Another person said, ” As in, she’s a snack but she might have an entire shrine dedicated to a fictional Japanese cat in her bedroom.

What Does She’s A 10 But Meme On Twitter?

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Following the current viral meme trend, users have shared hilarious thoughts about their partners. Here are a few more Tweets rolled by the Twitter users on the platform following the She’s A 10 But Meme trend.

Users have also included men in this trend and the meme begins with “he’s a 10 but”. Here are the Tweets that users wrote:

One user wrote: “she’s a 10 but she uses goggles in the pool”.

Another user said, “she’s a 10 but she won’t shut up on twitter”.

“She’s a 10 but she’s obsessed with actors old enough to be her father or grandfather”, said one user.

“She’s a 10 but she has mental health on her dating profile”, reported one user.

“She’s a 10 but she cried when 1D broke up”, wrote another Twitter user.

Another Tweet read, “she’s a 10 but she bites the skin off her lips when she’s anxious”.

The tweets made by girl army go as below: “He’s a 10 but thinks romance books don’t count as reading”.

“He’s a 10 but he covers his nose before he jumps in the pool”, Tweeted another.

He’s a 10 but he’s the worst person I’ve ever met”, revealed another Twitter user.

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Last Words

This was all about the viral ‘She’s A 10 But Memes’ and its meaning. Hopefully, you have found all the details you wanted to know. Follow us to keep stock of all the trendy news.

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