Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz? Here’s How To Do It

The latest quiz to go viral is ‘Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz’ and internet users are wondering to know how to be part of it. If you are among the users looking for the Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz but are unable to spot it so far, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know.

The last quiz to go viral on TikTok and several other social media platforms are ‘Which human emotion are you’ quiz which enabled users to figure out what human emotion they would be if they were are a human. Thousands of users have participated in the quiz, and they have got hilarious answers.

Seems like the fever of quizzes is not going to end as users are going crazy about one more quiz titled ‘Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz’. Here is where you can find this quiz and play to know which university series girl you actually are.

How To Do The Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz?

Before getting into the detail of how to play this viral quiz, let’s dig a little about who created the quiz and how it went viral.

This trendy quiz is created by a mystery fan for the uQuiz website and users have found it in search of the previously viral quiz what human emotion are you.

There are several other quizzes available on uQuiz for the internet users and most probably, these quizzes also are going to go viral on social media soon.

The best thing about the uQuiz website is, that you can create quizzes of your own very easily and post them for the internet users to play.

So, you can find the Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz on the uQuiz website. Playing the quiz is also quite simple.

Initially, you will be required to enter your name and then you will have to answer a series of 11 questions. And your answers will determine which university series girl you are.

Where To Find Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz?

For people who are not aware of what this quiz is all about, it is based on the University Series, which is a sequence of stories written by the author Gwy Saludes.

The stories revolve around 7 friends Luna, Yanna, Sevi, Sam, Via, Arkin, and Kierra, and cover their university life. There are currently 5 books for this series and the titles of these books are The Rain in Espana, Safe Skies Archer, Chasing in the Wild, Avenues of the Diamond, and Golden Scenery Tomorrow.

While playing the quiz on uQuiz, you will be asked questions like “choose one school from the big four,” “pick a vibe,” “how did you make friends” and “what is your zodiac sign”.

As you answer the questions, you will get your answer and will get to know which university series girl you are.

Several users have taken the answers to Twitter to share them with their friends. Here is what users have to say about this quiz,

One user wrote I took the “which university series girl are you” quiz. And look what I got.

Now, where’s my kalix?!”

Some users do not seem impressed as the most answers they are receiving are ‘Luna and Yanna”. They are inquiring on the internet about why they aren’t getting any different answers.

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The Last Words

This was all about what is the ‘Which University Series Girl Are You Quiz’ all about and why it is going viral on the internet. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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