What Is The Social Media App Hive? Explained

As the social media app hive has got traction online, users are willing to know what this platform is all about and whether or not it is like Twitter. If you are among the users willing to know more details about the social media app Hive, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about what the social media app Hive is all about and how it works.

As users are quitting Twitter after the Tesla owner took it over, social media users are looking for similar social media platforms. The majority of them have come across Hive, and thus the newbie social media app is trending online.

Though the platform is not new to the race of social media apps, several users have just come to know about it. Thanks to Elon Musk for talking over Twitter and finally making it possible for Hive to go viral online as an alternative to Twitter.

Hive also went viral online in 2021, as several people rushed to the app the servers of this newbie platform got crashed. Do you know what the best part of using this social app is? Not encountering any annoying ads! Here are some more interesting facts about Hive. Keep reading!

How Does Social Media App Hive Work?

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Launched in the year 2019, Hive is an emerging social media platform. It has a staggering user count of 800000 and the count is still on. As per the app’s about page, Raluca was tired of the restrictions she faced on social platforms in which her posts were not seen by many friends and felt the pressures of complicated algorithms”.

The about section further adds, “With the frustration of other social media content creators, Raluca begins Hive as a passion project in her bedroom and self-taught herself how to code.”

According to a Tweet shared by Hive in 2021, the app earned 130,000 new users for a single night. The platform rose to fame as a result of its paid promotions on TikTok and Twitter.

As per its website of Hive, it has provided several unique features to its customers. The app wrote in one of its Tweets, “We designed a highly expressive profile page! Our profiles allow you to add profile music, zodiac signs, pronouns, easy to access image gallery, and a text post tab. Our profile layout is perfect for fully expressing yourself!”

This new social platform has picked up 300,000 new users to become the number one social media app on App Store.

Is Hive Same As Twitter?

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Users who are planning to quit Twitter are looking for alternative options and they have finally come across Hive. So, is hive similar to Twitter? Well, yes! Hive is pretty similar to Twitter when it comes to its profile layout, feed, and type of content you can share with other users.

On your Hive feed, you will find accounts you follow, a discover page, and trending content. Hive users have claimed that the profile layout looks very similar to a Twitter profile layout.

As far as the design of Hive is concerned, it also resembles Instagram. You will find features like featured content and trending hashtags so that you can follow users based on your interests.

Some other features of Hive are reposting and sharing content, replying to posts, and uploading GIFs from Hive’s GIF collection.

This app is currently available for both Android and iOS users. To lay your hands over this trendy app, all you need to do is to open the App Store or Play Store, and type in ‘Hive Social’. Once you find the app, tap on install and download the app. Once downloaded, create a profile and start connecting.

For now, Hive does not have a desktop version so you can use it only on your mobile devices. Several Twitter users have already shifted to this trending platform. Are you planning to shift to Hive? Let us know in the comment box below.

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The Last Words

This was all about what the social media app Hive is all about and how to use it. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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