Who is Mark Rober? Trend on Twitter Explained

Social media platforms are full of bizarre content in real. Social media users post and share anything they want to get likes and views. Some of the posts become a trend in a short period.

It can be anything like meme, slang, song lyric, dance step, a challenge, or the name of anything or anyone. But this time why is Mark Rober trending on Twitter.

Nowadays social media platforms like TikTok, Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. are a source of entertainment for everyone who has access to the internet.

According to a report from January 2020, there are more than 3.80 billion social media users around the world. So it is convenient that anything can become a trend in no time.

On Twitter daily, many things become a trend. It can be a problem, achievement, special day, a name, an event, or anything. Twitter is used by more than 330 million people around the world.

When someone tweets regarding anything it is retweeted by several others to make it a trend and to bring in the notice of everyone who is using Twitter. 

Why was Mark Rober Trending on Twitter?

First of all, the question is why and how anything can become a trend? The answer is social media users are just crazy, they post bizarre content, sometimes useful, and make it viral.

If someone posts something unique, people share it on different social media platforms and it becomes a trend. It only depends on the mood of social media users.

On September 7, 2020, this Mark Rober trend swamped on twitter and many people were dazed about this bizarre trend. If you have seen this trend on Twitter and you don’t know about it here is the detail.

Well, the story behind why is everyone tweeting Mark Rober is hilarious. In a funny gesture, to gain the attention twitch streamer callmecarson who was hosting an 8ball pool tournament on twitch for $20,000 twitted that, he is disappointed that Mark Rober couldn’t take part in his tournament.

Then people who never knew Mark Rober started tweeting who is Mark Rober and it became a trend.

Image of who is Mark Rober

On Twitter, many of the people were confuse about this trend. One of the users tweeted “why is my timeline just filled with Mark Rober, who that is.” “my man Mark Rober finally getting the respect he deserves” another one tweeted. Now the question here is who is Mark Rober?

Image of Twitter Mark Rober

Who is Mark Rober?

For the people who don’t know who this guy is, he is a 40 years old American who was an engineer and later became a YouTuber. According to a source he was born in Orange County, California. His net worth is $5 million.

He has more than 13.70 million subscribers on YouTube and has uploaded just 85 videos on his channel. As an engineer, he has worked at NASA on the Curiosity rover and also in Apple as a product designer in the Special Products Group.

Image of Mark Rober Apple

Although he has changed his career and now he is famous for his science-related videos on YouTube. His recent video was on sharks whether they prefer human blood or fish’s blood, which got more than 27 million views just in four weeks. His most-watched video on YouTube is “SKIN A WATERMELON Party Trick” which is viewed over 107 million times.

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On social media platforms, anything can become a trend in no time. Social media users intentionally make a post viral for many reasons. If you want to make anything viral on social media platforms, just post unique content and give a hashtag.

This Mark Rober guy was trending yesterday because he is already a well-known personality for many. By the way, it is not necessary to be famous to get viral.

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