Can I Pet That Dog? Video Went Viral Of A Kid Refusing His Mom

Can I pet that Dog? What does it actually mean? A lot of questions are arising in our heads after hearing this dialogue. Why it went viral? So, here we are going to brief about it.

Well, actually American People have their own style of speaking English. Instead of saying “I want to touch it” they would rather use I want to pet it. Point to notice here that they use pet words just in the case of animals, not people.

So, that is the reason the baby is saying he wants to pet that dog before sleeping. He is refusing his mom that unless he touches or we can say pet that dog he is not going to go bed.

Undoubtedly it looks so adorable about that little kid who is forcing his mom not to sleep unless he touches his dog.

That little cute baby is from texas and his mom viral this video on Tiktok. Hilariously speaking Now, this kid is known as Can I Pet that dog kid.

According to his mother, they had just adopted a Yorkie named Oliver, who was highly strung and excited.

So they wanted to keep their son Ace away from him for a little bit. Ace really wanted to pet his new pup though.

Can I Pet That Dog Gif

After the “Can I Pet That Dog” video got viral people started to make gifs and memes as well which already makes humorous sense.

Gif’s are a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images. So people made this small moment and captured it in a gif which looks interesting though.


Can I Pet That Dog TikTok Original

In this video that adorable cute baby Ace refusing his mom. That texas boy does not want to sleep, all he wanted to do is “pet that Dog”. Its original video is available on Tiktok even on youtube.

Umpteen viewers, sharings, comments, and reactions were seen in this video about his innocence and stubbornness about petting a Dog. People made duets with this viral video as well.

How Old Is The Boy?

Kayla Holley, mother of 6-year-old Acesyn. His nickname is Ace and he will be 6 years old on March 28. His family rescued a Lil Dog a Yorkie named Oliver. On one recent night, when it was time for Acesyn’s bedtime, he wasn’t quite ready yet.

Why he was not ready? Just to pet their Lil dog. Kayla captured video of her son repeatedly asking, “Can I pet that dog?” and her repeatedly responding with, “No.” She uploaded the video on Tiktok and unexpectedly it got viral said his mother.

Can I Pet That Dog Video TikTok

This video went viral on TikTok unconsciously and unexpectedly said his mom. It was a great moment for his parents that after this small clip or video millions of people are fans and followers of his little kid who does not even know TikTok.

Millions of views were scene within a month. Ace really wanted to pet his new pup though. Here is the clip from TikTok.

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