Who Is Rapper Aroy? The Rapper Killed On O Block

Fans are pouring messages of condolence as the young Rapper Aroy is being killed on O Block, here is all about who ARoy was and how did he die.

Just yesterday we were mourning the loss of 32-year-old popular musician Misterclasico who passed away tragically this past week. Music fans are in deep shock as they have now received the unfortunate news of rapper ARoy’s passing.

According to the initial reports, Aroy who was a well-known rapper has been shot dead in an incident that took place on O Block. A video has also surfaced on the internet that shows the clash in which a person dies and is allegedly said to be our very own rapper Aroy.

As reported by the Chicago Police, the incident took place on Monday, December 13th.  Who exactly was ARoy and how did he die? Here we have provided all the available details about this unfortunate incident.

Who Was ARoy?

Who Was ARoy

ARoy was a popular musician and rap star and was also a member of the OBlock hip-hop group. He also had rolled many popular songs. At the time of his passing, this rap star was based in Chicago.

He was a prominent member of the hip-hop group The Mistakes and part of the Chicago rap collective Only The Family that was created in the year 2010 by Lil Drunk.

ARoy was often seen hanging around the O Block, which is a dangerous neighborhood in Chicago. O Block is often referenced in songs of Chicago rappers and is popular for its gangs.

The video that features the unfortunate incident of Aroy being shot was a Facebook live video and was recorded on 13th December. This upsetting video shows 2 people fighting while one person gets shot at the end of the video. The person who died following this incident is allegedly said to be the Rap star Aroy.

Did Rapper Aroy Really Die On O Block?

Imaged Of Did Rapper Aroy Really Die On O Block

According to a report from the Chicago police, a man was found dead with gunshot wounds on December 13th.  The description written by the police in this report matches the video from O Block. So, here is what the police reports read:

“In the 6400 block of S. King Drive at approximately 1:50 p.m., a 26-year-old male victim was on the sidewalk and involved with a physical altercation with an unknown male offender”.

It continues saying, “The offender then produced a firearm and fired shots at the victim. The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body and was transported to the University of Chicago Hospital in critical condition.”

As soon as the news of Aroys passing has gone viral, fans have started pouring messages of sorrow and condolence on Twitter and on some other platforms as well.

One of Aroy’s fans wrote on Twitter:

“R.I.P ARoy. My mind hasn’t really been able to rest yet. Too much death in my city. Can’t show any weakness, just gotta keep grinding. Tired of the same cycle, feel like a prisoner in my own life sometimes. It’ll get greater later tho it’s crazy. Hope, really all a mf got.”

You will be shocked to know that, Aroy isn’t the only Lil Durk’s member who has been killed, in November last year famous rapper King Von was also shot dead outside a nightclub in Atlanta.

King Von was approached by two men while he was leaving the Opium Nightclub to go to Monaco Hookah Lounge and was being killed.

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Last Words

This was all about the talented rapper ARoy who has been killed just recently. Fans are mourning the loss of their favorite rap star on social media platforms. May his soul rest in peace.

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