What Is Twitch Wrapped 2021? Explained

Like other social media applications and music apps, Twitch has rolled the wrapped feature for 2021, but what exactly is this feature all about? Here is everything you need to know about the Twitch 2021 wrapped feature.

As we are ready to bid farewell to the year 2021, social media applications and some music platforms are allowing users to glance at their past year. Streaming platforms including Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple have also given their users the opportunity to look back at the tracks they have listened to this past year.

Alongside the streaming platforms, Instagram has also allowed its users to glance back at the stories they have shared throughout the year 2021.

Following all these platforms, Twitch also has given its users to witness the rewind of the past year. Here we have explained what Twitch Wrapped 2021 is and how you can watch your Twitch 2021 recap.

What Is Twitch Wrapped?

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Twitched Wrapped is the rewind feature rolled by Twitch in the year 2020. It enables the streamers and viewers to glance at their past year in a single email.

This recap includes which streamers they watched the most, what their most favorite emote was, and how they participated on the platform throughout the year.

Revealing about the Twitch Wrapped 2021 feature, Twitch made a Tweet saying:

“Every minute that passes means you’re all closer to seeing your 2021. Can you predict what your top categories will be?”

This feature will be available for both the viewers and streamers but the personalized record for each category will vary. Depending on whether you are a streamer or just a viewer you will get a personalized record on the email address connected with your Twitch account.

To get access to this feature, make sure you have enabled the marketing notifications. If you are unaware of how to enable the marketing notification, all you need to do is log in to your Twitch account and head towards the settings.

 In the settings section, go to the notification bar and then tap marketing. Turn on the toggle to opt-in for marketing emails.  

How Does Twitch Wrapped 2021 Work?

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Alongside all the above steps, also make sure that the email address linked to your Twitch account is active and you have access to it.

Search for ‘2021 Twitch recap’ in your mailbox or you can simply search for your Twitch account’s username to access all the emails related to your Twitch account.

Once you get your recap directly inside your inbox, you have the option to share the snap of your statistics on every social media platform.

If your Twitch Wrapped 2021 feature is nowhere to be found in your primary inbox, check your spam inbox. If you still aren’t able to get the email, get to Twitch Support. Twitch recaps sometimes take a lot of time so if you haven’t received yours, don’t worry as Twitch might be cooking something really cool for you.

Several users who have encountered issues related to their Twitch year-in-rewind, have taken it to Twitter. While some others have simply reached the Twitch support team.

A user who was having an issue with her Twitch recap wrote on Twitter,

“Is there any way to get the streamer recap? For some reason, I only got the viewer one, which I still love. But it would be nice to see the streamer recap since I streamed a lot.”

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The Take Away

Thousands of users have already shared their Twitch year-in-rewind on several social media platforms. While there also are some who are still waiting for their stats to get received in their mailbox. Have you received yours? Let us know in the comment box below.

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