Who Is The 8 Billionth Baby Born? All Details Provided

The world population has touched a new milestone as the 8 billionth baby is just born, but who is this person? People across the world are curious to know the details about this 8 Billionth baby. So, who is the 8 Billionth baby born? Here we have provided all the details.

The world population is constantly increasing. It has now touched the 8 billion figures. Yes, you heard it right. The world is now a huge family of 8 billion people. 15th November is the day when the 8 billionth person joined this huge family.

United Nations had set up a countdown on their official website to mark this defining moment. The countdown projected that the human population would hit 8 billion on Tuesday. And it has now happened finally.

According to the reports, it took 12 years for the global population to grow by another billion. So, Tuesday, 15th November marks the day for the 8 billionth human to land on the planet earth.

As the news has gone viral, people across the globe are curious to know details about who this 8 Billionth Baby born on the planet is. If you too are curious to get the details, here is everything you need to know about the 8 billionth person on the earth.

Who Is The 8 Billionth Person?

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According to the reports presented by Manila Bulletin, a baby girl born in Tondo, Manila is considered the “symbolic 8th billionth baby”. The baby is born in the Philippines.

The baby is named Venice Mabansag and she was delivered via normal delivery at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila on early Tuesday. As per the information provided by the hospital staff, Venice Mabansag, the 8 billionth baby was born at 1:29 am on Tuesday, 15th November 2022.

The news is being confirmed by the Philippines’ largest English-language broadsheet newspaper, Manila Bulletin. This largest broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines was founded in the year 1900. It is the second-oldest newspaper published in the Philippines and the second-oldest English newspaper in the Far East.

Several social media handles have also reported the news. On their official Twitter handle, the Philippine Star wrote, “Let’s all welcome Baby Vinice, the newborn symbolizing the 8 billionth person in the world”.

People across the globe are excited about the news and they are eager to know more details about this symbolic baby. However, more information about the baby is not yet disclosed.

8 Billionth Baby Details

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It took over 12 years for the world population to grow another one billion. As per the BBC reports, the 7 Billionth person was born in 2011. She is a baby girl named Sadia Sultana Oishee, who is now 11 years old. Sadia Sultana now lives with her family outside Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Her family considers her their ‘lucky charm’ and she is the youngest of her siblings. She was born one minute past midnight through a C-section delivery in 2011. As she was declared the 7billionth person born on the planet, soon after her birth she was surrounded by the media officials.

As per the reports, the population of Bangladesh has increased by 17 million more people since Sadia’s birth.

The 6 billionth person to be born on earth is Adnan Nevic of Bosnia. He was born two minutes after midnight on October 12, 1999. He currently lives with his mother, Fatime, outside Sarajevo.

As per the UN reports, the human population will reach nine billion in another 15 years. So, we have to wait until 2037 to reach another milestone. It translates that the “overall growth rate of the global population is slowing.”

UN has further reported that the increase in population in the last decade is a result of “improvements in public health, nutrition, personal hygiene, and medicine.”

Another reason for the population increase presented by the United Nations Reports is “high and persistent levels of fertility in some countries.”

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The Bottom Line

This was all about who the 8 billionth baby born on the earth is and about the previous billion milestones of the world population. Hopefully, we are able to provide all the essential information you were looking for.

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