Why Is TikTok Not Sending Messages – Glitch Explained

TikTok users are wondering to know why video-sharing is not sending messages. As their TikTok DMs have stopped working, they have taken to Twitter to inquire about any potential glitch. If you are among such users wondering to know a quick fix to get rid of the ‘TikTok Not Sending Messages’ glitch, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about why TikTok is not sending messages and some potential solutions to get rid of this issue.

Social media users are reporting several glitches recently. From Instagram to WhatsApp and Facebook, none of the social media users are happy about the platforms’ performance.

Just recently Instagram users were reporting that their DMs are not working followed by Facebook users who complained that their posts and comments were not loading. And now, this wave of glitches is affecting TikTok. Though it is rare for TikTok users to encounter glitches, they are not really happy about how their app is behaving lately.

Users have complained over Twitter that their TikTok inbox is not working at all. Some users are upset about not being able to send videos to their friends while others simply want the issue to get fixed as soon as possible.

Though TikTok has not addressed the glitch as of now, below we have provided all the details about what is TikTok not sending messages.

TikTok Stopped Sending Messages

Image Of TikTok Stopped Sending Messages

TikTok servers started to create trouble for the users on Tuesday (November 8). Thousands of users reported the glitch on Twitter. Most of the users who are reporting the issue are based in the US.

The glitch is affecting the DMs feature which commonly enables users to send private messages to their friends and family. Upon trying to send DMs to their friends, TikTok users are getting welcomed by an error. The error reads, “server is unavailable”. The error message appears alongside a red exclamation mark beside the message bubble.

To confirm the server issue, we have checked the Down Detector. As per the Down Detector, the glitches started to appear at around 2 am on Tuesday, November 8. The issue is still not fixed as of now and users are not really happy about it.

TikTok users have flooded Twitter with complaints asking TikTok to look into the matter. Here is how users have responded to this glitch on Twitter:

One user inquired, “Is it just me or is TikTok not letting u reply to people’s messages”.

Another wrote, “Why is TikTok not working. I can’t send messages to people”.


“Tiktok messages aren’t working, I can’t send my friends funny TikToks omg nooo”, revealed one user.

Why Are TikTok DMs Not Working?

Image Of Why Are TikTok DMs Not Working

As of now, TikTok has not provided any official fix to the issue nor has it addressed the issue in any of its social media posts. Considering the widespread nature of the issue, we have come to the conclusion that it is a server-related issue.

Though it is usual for users to encounter glitches having that TikTok has over a billion active users, the below solutions can help you encounter lesser glitches.

1. Keep your app updated

Keeping the TikTok app updated to the latest version is one way you can encounter lesser glitches. Old versions often bear glitches and issues so, it is important for users to keep their app up-to-date.

2. Clear your app cache

Another solution to encounter lesser glitches is by regularly clearing the app cache. If you don’t have a habit of clearing the redundant files of the app stored on your device, your app may lag behind and it may even encounter several glitches.

3. Keep enough space on your phone for your apps to function properly

Keep in mind that having all your phone memory occupied can affect the performance of your apps. Always keep enough space for your files to function properly. Else, your phone may lag behind and you may even encounter glitches.

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The Last Words

This was all about why is TikTok not sending messages and some potential solutions to get rid of the issue. Was the information helpful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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