Elon Musk Abused Cat When He Was In College – Fake Article Gone Viral

A screenshot of a fake article revealing that Elon Musk had abused a cat when he was in college is trending on the internet. Netizens have fallen for the fake claim and they are tricked into believing the Elon Musk cat abuse claims. If you are among these people wondering to know the reality of these claims, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know!

Ever since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, he is constantly making headlines on the internet, and that too for all bad reasons. Just recently, people thought he fired one of the top Twitter executives in a live podcast which later turned out to be a parody made up of several small videos bound together to make it appear as a single video.

Users are also making several claims about Twitter features after the Tesla owner has become the new owner of Twitter. Users think that Elon Musk is going to charge $16 from people who want to use pronouns like they/them in their bios, however, all these claims are baseless.

The Tesla owner is again making headlines on social media for a fake article that claims that Elon Musk abused a cat when he was in college. Is this claim legit or just another rumor? We have broken down everything about it. Keep reading!

Did Elon Musk Really Abuse A Cat In College?

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It is not a surprise for the new Twitter CEO to get trolled at the hands of users. The majority of Twitter users are not happy about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, thus they never miss a chance to troll the Tesla owner.

The recent claims about the new Twitter owner are wild and disturbing. And the fake information is revealed in a way that several users are tricked into believing the claims.

The claims about Elon Musk’s cat abuse started swirling on the internet on Monday (November 7). A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a Tweet that claimed Elon Musk was a cat abuser. It also featured bad language in the Tweet. One part of the Tweet read, Elon Musk’s father paid college $125,000 to ignore animal abuse claims.”

As soon as the Tweet was posted, it went viral garnering 77,000 likes and 15,000 tweets. It is currently trending on several social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The article that revealed inappropriate claims about the Tesla owner looked like it was from The Independent. It reveals that the Twitter CEO has done some indecent acts on a cat while he was at college. It continues to add that Elon Musk also paid for an operation the cat required before the animal died.

To dig out whether this claim is legit or not, we checked on The Independent but failed to locate any such article. So, all the information provided in this article is false.

Are Elon Musk Cat Abuse Claims Legit?

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The article has also used several indecent words which makes it obvious that the article is fake and doesn’t belong to the Independent.

A quick Google search will let you know the viral screenshot also is a photoshopped version of a real article about the Tesla owner. The actual title of the article reads ‘Catturd’ Twitter account highlighted by Elon Musk turns on Tesla billionaire.”

The reason why Elon Musk is becoming a victim of several false claims lately is that he has taken over the popular social platform. Another reason is, he is planning to make several changes to the platform which is not settling well for several users.

Just in the first week of taking over Twitter, he fired several of his top executives. Reports also claim that he has cut the total number of employees on Twitter to half. He has also rolled out some new features like the verified badge for $8 dollar per month.

He has also revealed that Twitter will not give users a warning before suspending their account, and once suspended there would be no way to regain access to the handle.

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The Last Words

This was all about whether or not Elon Musk abused a cat when he was in college. These are just rumors to defame the new Twitter owner.

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