Why Men Aged 18-60 Can’t Leave Ukraine? Explained

Amid war, the Ukrainian government has restricted men aged 18-60 from leaving the country. As the news and videos of men bidding farewell to their families have gone viral, people on Twitter are trying to figure out why men aged 18-60 can’t leave Ukraine.

If you are among such users curious to know the reason behind this decision of the Ukraine government, here’s everything you need to know.

As Russia has invaded Ukraine, the Ukrainian government has taken some serious restrictions. The country has imposed Martial Law and asked the citizens to come forward to protect their country.

Following the deteriorating defense situation, the government has restricted men aged 18-60 from fleeing off the country, here we have rounded up all the details about why can’t men from Ukraine can’t leave the country.

Ukrainian Men Are Not Allowed To Leave The Country

Image Of Ukrainian Men Are Not Allowed To Leave The Country

In a declaration signed on Thursday 24th February 2022, the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has imposed martial law in the country. Following this important development, the government has further stopped the men aged 18-60 from leaving the country.

Revealing the reason behind why the countrymen cannot flee the country is:

“In order to ensure the defense of the state, maintaining combat and mobilization readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations”.

This is what Martial Law actually is. It enables the military officials to impose laws on all the citizens of the country. The statement rolled by the interior ministry that restricted men from leaving their home country read:

“The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports that due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, a certain category of citizens is temporarily restricted from leaving Ukraine”.

The statement further read, “In particular, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 are prohibited from leaving Ukraine. Such a rule will apply for the period of martial law. We ask citizens to take this information into account.”

Ukraine’s president Zelensky has also encouraged the citizens to take part in the military operation. In a recent Tweet, he said that they will provide weapons to the civilians who want to defend their country.

The defense minister of the country also has encouraged people with Ukrainian passports to be part of the Ukrainian army.

According to the online reports, Ukrainian people living in the neighboring countries have also started returning to the country in order to pay their role for the country’s defense.

Ukrainian Men Can’t Leave The Country Amid War

Image Of Ukrainian Men Can’t Leave The Country Amid War

The citizens of Ukraine are in favor of Martial Law and they have perceived it as the last option. Here is what a Ukrainian resident talked about Martial Law:

He said Martial Law was the “logical thing to do”. “We have a war on our hands”. He further added, “We need to mobilize in order to survive.”

According to the available data, the Ukrainian military consists of 61,000 troops. The reports have further revealed that the Russian army is the second-largest military arsenal in the world. It has over 900,000 active military personnel.

The rival of Ukraine also has over 4,000 aircraft, 1,500 helicopters, over 13,000 tanks, and 27,000 armored fighting vehicles. The Russian military also has advanced weapons and is stronger than Ukraine.

The Ukraine-Russia war has become a hot topic for social media users as well. Most of the social media users have expressed their support for Ukraine.

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The Final Thoughts

The reason why the Ukraine military has restricted men aged 18-60 is, the military wants these citizens to pay their role towards the country. May peace prevails in the world because WAR is never a solution.

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