Witch Doll Challenge – How to Win It?

All the gamers stay alerted as a new challenge called Witch Doll Limited Challenge is coming soon. All the fans are super excited about this challenge.

Lord Mobile

The Lords Mobile is the top grossing game app on both Apple and android Google play. The game boasts around 200 million players around the globe.

Limited Challenge

These are the popular features of the Lord Mobile. The Limited Challenge usually lasts for a week and takes place during other Special Events. During this time players can complete Special Hero Stages, and will receive Hero Medals for a specific Hero as the reward. Limited Challenges are unlocked at Castle Level 5 and after completing Skirmish 3 – Vantage.

Some of the other limited challenges are Bloodlust (Grim Wolf), Darkness Calls (Dark Follower) and Saving Dreams (Dream Witch).

Witch Doll Challenge/Dark Disaster

Witch Doll aka Astre is our newest Hero challenge and this one is definitely one you want to get! She’s an amazing asset to your collection of heroes and her battle or hero skills offer excellent boosts. She’s a Calvary hero and when maxed to legendary will deal 200% squad ATK as DMG to enemies, provides you with a 20% construction boost, a 25% research boost, and a 20% troop training boost. At hero level 60 she will summon stars from the heavens dealing damage to nearby enemies stunning them for 5 seconds. ”¼

Image of Witch Doll Astra

Witch doll is normally obtained through only in game purchases in the gem mall. Make sure to complete each challenge during this duration to get your 10 medals to hire her. For those of you that already have her, this is a great opportunity to get 10 free medals towards upgrading Witch Doll.

There are several stages of this Witch Doll Challenge. In total, we have total six stages of this challenge. There are some requirements and restrictions for each challenge which must be fulfilled in order to win it. You need around 5 heroes to complete a stage and they can be chosen from the lineup. Several combinations of heroes can be useful in winning any stage.

Image of Witch Doll EP

Stage 1

Hundreds of different combos are available but they will not all work for you. Here’s the real hero lineup for Stage 1: Child of Light, Night Raven, Witch Doll, Snow Queen, and Prima Donna. This is also the easiest one.

For most of the first two parts you can just leave it on auto. Half way through part 2, turn the auto off and start saving the ultimate attacks. In Part 3, keep hitting the Noceros with the stun attacks so that he can’t attack back.

Stage 2

The level is a lot easier and a lot of lineups  will work but the preferable one is  the following.

Child of Light, Witch Doll, Pink Mermaid Person, Prima Donna, and Tracker.

Stage 3

It is harder than stage 2. The same configuration of additional heroes as Stage 2 can be used and this is the best way to do it.

Part 1 and part 2 are super easy. Part 3 requires staggering your stun ultimate-attacks on the Frostwing monster behind you. Just stop him from attacking and you’ll win the level without problem.

You may need to try this stage a few times.

Stage 4

Weird Horse Person, Child of Light, Rose Knight, Witch Doll, and Tracker.

Stage 5

Child of Light, Witch Doll, Red Lady, Prima Donna and How Does She Stand Straight

Stage 6

Donna, Night Raven, Scarlet Bolt, Dark Follower, and Witch Doll.  Focus on Pyre of Ruin(looks like a fire elemental) each time one appears.  You cannot harm Phantom Knight while Pyre is alive.

Following all the instructions and combos above, you can pretty easily win this challenge.

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