Woman Ended Up In Hospital Due To Scented Candles – All You Need To Know

A woman had ended up in hospital due to scented candles after Carbon Monoxide accumulated in her room. She revealed the incident on her TikTok account and it went viral instantly. If you too are a big fan of scented candles, you must read this article till the end.

While scented candles have attracted immense limelight on social media, there are certain drawbacks associated with their usage and not many social media users are aware of it. One major issue attached to these candles is the potential health risks posed by the chemicals released when these candles are burned. Several scented candles contain synthetic fragrances and paraffin wax, that contain harmful pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter into the air. Extended exposure to these pollutants can cause respiratory challenges and other health problems.

In addition to the above challenges, these scented candles also have a negative impact on the environment. One of the main candle ingredients paraffin wax is abstracted from non-renewable petroleum resources which results in environmental degradation and carbon emission.  Moreover, the packaging of these candles can also contribute to plastic waste thus aiding the environmental concerns.

The latest challenge associated with the scented candles that have created a stir on social media is the accumulation of carbon monoxide from the prolonged usage of scented candles. A woman has reported on TikTok that she has ended up in hospital due to the scented candles. Below we have gathered all the details about this incident.

Scented Candles Result In Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Image Of Scented Candles Result In Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The TikTok creator Moore reported the news on November 14. In her video, she talked about a disturbing experience that underlined the potential dangers associated with scented candles. Addressing her thousands of followers, Emy shared the story of a night when she had lit five scented candles before going to bed.

As she tried to sleep she felt a sense of discomfort and she decided to seek medical attention. She went to the hospital and found out that she had been experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning. The medical staff swiftly administered oxygen, and within a short span, Emy’s condition improved. This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential health risks associated with scented candles and highlights the importance of being vigilant about their usage.

Emy shared the symptoms that she faced. Some of the symptoms that you may face in such situations are “dehydration, confusion, blurry and double vision, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, and headache”.

Emy also reported that when she reached the hospital her blood pressure was also peaking. Though she is doing better now, the content creator reported that she might have died if she hadn’t moved out of the room and visited the hospital.

Scented Candles Made Woman End Up In Hospital

Image Of Scented Candles Made Woman End Up In Hospital

This video of Emy that shares the drawbacks of scented candles has gone viral on the video-sharing app and it has come as a shock for several users.

Here is how TikTok users have responded to the video.

One user wrote, “This is the second carbon monoxide video I’ve seen today. Glad you are okay that’s so scary!”

Another added, “New fear for a hypochondriac unlocked!! Thanks!”

“I also had carbon monoxide poisoning and I too had that second sense that something wasn’t right. It’s crazy,” said one.

“I didn’t know this could happen, thank you for spreading ur story, u probably saved my life,” commented another.

“I got carbon monoxide poisoning from my broken muffler in the car and it’s THE WORST FEELING EVER physically and emotionally,” said one.

“Had no idea this could happen “silly little candles” glad you are okay”, added another.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about how a woman ended up in the hospital due to the prolonged usage of scented candles. Have you ever used scented candles in your life? Let us know in the comment box below.

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