Wordle Word For January 23rd 2022 — Explored

The Wordle word for January 23rd 2022 is not a simple one. If you are stuck on today’s Wordle letter combination, we are here for help. Keep reading to crack today’s puzzle.

Wordle, the word puzzle game has become an internet sensation. Thousands of users from all around the world are obsessed with the puzzle game and they are sharing their results on Facebook and Twitter. Considering the popularity of the game, more and more game players are hopping on the bandwagon.

Although the game sounds simple, you have to guess a word from a collection of 2000 words. It works on a randomization algorithm which makes the probability quite high. Thus, the majority of game players fail to crack the puzzle each day.

If you are stuck on today’s Wordle word, we have got you covered. Here is the detail of Wordle Word for January 23rd 2022.

What Is The Wordle Word For Today?

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Each day, Wordle rolls a new word, and players from every corner of the world compete to guess the word in their first attempt.  However, this never happens most of the time. The game is quite tricky thus it takes more than one attempt to crack the puzzle.

The Wordle Word for today, 23rd January 2022 is ‘Crimp’. We cracked today’s puzzle in the fourth attempt. Go get the puzzle cracked first, and come back to get some tips for winning the game.

The users of Facebook and Twitter especially are obsessed with the Wordle puzzle and these are the same platforms that have made this game go viral on the internet.

After its launch in October 2021, the Wordle game remained private and it was available for the game developer’s friends and family. As the game earned praises from his friends and family, Brooklyn-based software engineer Josh Wardle decided to make the game public.

As soon as the game became public, it became immensely popular among people from all around the world.

What Is The Wordle Word For 23rd January 2022?

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Instead of guessing the five-letter word randomly, follow the tips provided below. These tips will help you excel in the Wordle game and retain a winning streak.

1. The first tip for you is, always select a vowel or consonant to begin. You can also think of words that contain multiple vowels. Consider words like, ‘alike’, ‘media’, and ‘adieu’.

2. To start with the words also consider words that are commonly used in the English language. The most common words are E, T, A, I, N, O, S.

3. If you are getting yellow letters, try replacing these words in a variety of spots. Try replacing the yellow letter at the start or end of the word. Although yellow vowels are harder to replace, once you find their green spots, the words become easier to crack.

4. Follow your old-school techniques, pick up a piece of paper, brainstorm word ideas, write them down in the paper and submit the answer on Wordle.

5. It is also important to remember that you will have to select a five-letter word that is not a plural or past tense. For example, fires’ or ‘fired’ are five-letter words but they are less likely to be the answer.

As more and more people are taking part in the game, the pool of players is rising. Some of the most difficult answers that players have reported are ‘shire’, ‘robot’, and ‘proxy’.

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Bottom Line

So, ‘Crimp’ is the Wordle Word For January 23rd 2022. Hopefully, you have found all the details about Wordle and tips to excel in the game.  

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