Red Exclamation On TikTok — Glitch Explained!

TikTok users are reporting a glitch as a Red Exclamation is appearing in their DMs, and the DMs have stopped working on the app. TikTok users have taken it to Twitter and are annoyed seeing the exclamation point over and over again. If you are among these users looking to fix this glitch, here we have provided all the available fixes. Check these out!

Glitches have become a casual thing on social media platforms as users encounter so many errors on daily basis. This time users on TikTok are complaining about the Red Exclamation point as they try to access their DMs.

Currently, the DMs of several users are not working and they have taken it to Twitter and several other platforms. Users have expressed their disappointment over the platform and are looking for ways to fix the errors.

What Does Red Exclamation Point Mean On TikTok?

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After the TikTok users try to send a message, they are getting to see a red exclamation that denotes their message is not sent. This issue mainly occurs when the internet doesn’t work well, however, this is not the case right now.

To find out whether they are alone in this, TikTok users have taken it to Twitter and they found the issue is being faced by several other users as well. Considering the glitch to be a widespread one, users have perceived that the issue is not relevant to their internet.

However, they have expressed their disappointment on Facebook and other social media handles. They have become even more disappointed when the application has not addressed any of their concerns. The video-sharing app has not revealed any cause and solution to this widespread glitch.

Unable to fix the issue, users are just waiting for the glitch to get fixed automatically.

Here is how users have reported the issue on Twitter and other social media platforms:

One user wrote, “I see that TikTok messages are down.”

Another complained, “@tiktok_us fix our DMs on that app . It’s not working”.

“WHY ARENT MY TIKTOK DMS WORKING”, asked another user.

“TikTok is down,  I can’t even send messages without them failing to send”, revealed another on Twitter.

How To Fix Red Exclamation Point Error On TikTok?

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Well, this is not the first time users are encountering this error. As revealed by Flowchain, several users in the past have reported this error. However, the error occurred for users under the age of 16. They were also not able to send messages to those accounts where they didn’t have any mutual friends or the safety settings for the account were set to “nobody”.

However, this time the glitch is a widespread one and it seems to have been incurred following a server issue.

Here are some possible fixes for this error, we just hope these work for you.

Well, the first possible fix is the conventional way that helps you get rid of the error by logging out of the account and logging in again to fix the problem.

Next, update your application to the latest version as the older versions often have glitches.

You may also try fixing the issue by removing the TikTok app from your device and installing it again.

If any of the above fixes do not work, wait for TikTok to address the issue. TikTok hasn’t issued any official notification about the glitch but we hope that it will be fixed soon.

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The Last Words

This was all about the red exclamation point that appears on TikTok when users try to send a message. TikTok has not addressed the issue so far so, users are unable to get rid of it.

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