YouTube New Price For Premium Family Plan – Price Hike Explained

YouTube new price for Premium Family Plan has become a hot topic among Netizens amid the 2022 price hike. The Premium Family Plan offers several benefits but the recent price hike has forced users to give the Premium Family Plan a second thought. Here is all the available information about YouTube New Price For the Premium Family Plan and whether or not it is worth the increased cost.

Reports have revealed that the video streaming platform, YouTube is increasing the prices of its Premium Family Plans The Premium Family Plan is among the most popular service offered by the platform to its users. This feature enables users to watch videos without being interrupted by ads.

As per the available reports, YouTube also has revealed price hikes by sending emails to premium users. Deadline and Tech Crunch also have shared the news of price hikes. They have also shared the cost of its family plan for Premium Services.

Whether or not YouTube really is increasing its prices and if the plans are going to be worth the cost, we have broken down everything for you. Keep reading to know the new price for the YouTube premium family plan.

What Is The New Price For YouTube Premium Family Plan?

In a recent post shared by ‘Deadline’ the new price for YouTube Premium Family Plan is $22.99 per month. The service will now be available for its users for an additional $4. The old price for the plan was $17.99 per month.

The video-sharing platform informed its users about the price hike by sending an email that read:

“We created YouTube Premium to provide an uninterrupted YouTube experience, so you can get closer to the videos, creators, and music artists that you love. To continue delivering great service and features, we will be increasing your Premium family plan price from $17.99/month to $22.99/month.”

The email notified the Premium users that the new pricing pattern will come into effect from the next billing cycle starting on or after November 21, 2022.

Tech Crunch has also supported this news confirming that several premium users of YouTube from UK, Canada, and Argentina have also received emails about the price hike.

Some users have taken to Twitter to reveal the new pricing plan. They have added that the service will increase by £2 rising from £17.99 to £19.99 per month.

YouTube Is Increasing The Price Of Its Premium Family Plan

Image Of YouTube Is Increasing The Price Of Its Premium Family Plan

A Reddit post has also broken down the new pricing plans for both individual and family plans’. As per this post, the individual plans will now cost ARS 389 ($2.53) per month instead of the prior ARS 119 ($0.78) per month. And YouTube Premium’s family plans will cost ARS 699 ($4.55) per month rather than the previous price of ARS 179 ($1.17) per month.

Though we have reached YouTube for a comment on these price hikes, we are yet to get a reply from the video-sharing platform.

The talk of the town YouTube Premium was previously known as YouTube Red. This premium membership comes with a variety of benefits. Here are a few benefits that are available for YouTube premium users:

  • Premium users can watch videos without ads.
  • They can download any of the videos and watch them offline.
  • They also have the option to get background play and Picture-in-picture
  • The premium subscription holders get access to YouTube Music Premium
  • Watch all YouTube Originals

Besides benefiting its audience, YouTube is constantly offering new ways for creators to make money. Just recently, the video-sharing platform announced that shorts-focused creators can apply to be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

The creators have to meet the requirement of 1,000 subscribers and 10M Shorts views in a period of 90 days to be eligible for the monetization program.

The video-sharing app has also announced that they are soon going to offer a new level of YPP with lower requirements. It will offer creators access to Fan Funding features such as Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships.

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The Last Words

This was all about the YouTube New Price for the Premium Family Plan. However, YouTube has not revealed any information about the plans as of now.

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