15 Minute Test TikTok Mental Health — Viral On TikTok

Ever since its launch TikTok has always come up with strange trends, funny content and bizarre challenges. This time finally, it has come up with a meaningful trend. The 15 minute Test TikTok Mental Health is going viral on the internet.

So many TikTok users have already attempted the test while many are curious to know what kind of test it is. To all of the TikTok users who want to participate in the challenge here is the detailed description of this viral trend.

Since the Corona pandemic has changed so much in the world, people are getting more depressed than before. The lockdowns imposed in almost every country of the world, have disturbed the mental health of people in almost every corner of world. In this crucial time, Tiktok users have started a much needed campaign. They are trying to spread awareness regarding the mental health issue using the platform of Tiktok.

Due to the rise of social media in a past decade, people are suffering from poor mental conditions because of being exposed to sensitive content and cyber bullying.

Considering this scenario, it feels really good to know that, the social media is now trying to put some effort for improving mental health of its users. It is a positive sign that these platforms are helping to normalize the mental health issues and enabling people to seek help.


Image Of 15minutes4me

If you are a Tiktok user, you probably have come acrossthe hashtag 15minutesforme in few recent days. The 15 Minute Test Tiktok Mental Health has become popular on the Tiktok. Though the test actually isn’t available on it. The test is available on “15minutesforme.com”.

It is basically a video created by some health experts. It consists of a set of questions that can determine if you are depressed or not. If you are interested in knowing your mental health level then you should attempt the test once.

15minutesforme.com is a free website with a sole purpose of providing help to mental issues. It can be considered as a self-help program which can you track the reason behind your anxiety or sadness.

15 Minute Test For Mental Health

Image Of 15 Minute Test For Mental Health

If you are probing to know how exactly the test can be attempted, then here is the solution.

  1. Open your browser and type “15minutesforme.com”.
  2. Click on the link which says free test.
  3. The test will be comprised of 26 questions, answer all the questions being asked accurately.
  4. Upon answering all the questions, you will be provided three scales. The scales will show how much you are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.
  5. You can now simply take a screenshot and post it on Tiktok with hashtag 15 Minute Test Tiktok Mental Health.

This is how you can discuss your mental health issues with your fans and followers.

It is important to know that this test is not a substitute of an official diagnosis by a health specialist. In case if you feel like you are suffering from any of the problems stated above, then it is important to visit a health specialist.

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The most important topic to be addressed in today’s world is the “Mental health Problems”, but unfortunately it is the topic that is least addressed. This is the reason why the suicide ratio has reached to an alarming point.

In this scenario, it is the moral obligation of every human being to be a helping hand towards people suffering from mental illnesses. Considering this, we feel really glad to see such important trend 15 Minute Test Tiktok Mental Health. We hope that it will be helpful for so many people battling the mental health issues.

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