A Dangerous Atrophy Novel Read Online Free

Today we are writing another Chinese novel “a dangerous atrophy”. This novel is more worth reading because you will find tragedy, domination and obsession and manipulation of the human soul and bodies. Dangerous Atrophy novel is an amazing novel to read. You will find its full pdf version here.

A Dangerous Atrophy Novel

This novel is basically circulating around two main characters namely Anna and Adriana. One character is put into prison because, the other character dies. I must write it here that the character in prison calls herself living in hell. Before going into prison the character said a few last words. “I had not killed her”.

You would be wondering what the meaning of those words of character is. To know what happens next, read the full novel online.

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A Brief Summary Of A Dangerous Atrophy Novel

“Danny Shen, those bast*rds who hurt Adriana were not arranged by me…” Jian Tonggang said, a slender and powerful finger pinched her chin without mercy, and his unique magnetic voice came over his head:” Do you like me so much?”

A cold voice, with a slight smell of tobacco-his taste.

“What?” Anna Jian a little confuse, she liked him, the whole world knew, why would he suddenly ask this now?

She seems to have heard the next sentence, the man has asked her “is it cold”?

The man suddenly excused an icy breath and said coldly “Anna do you like me so much”?  “You like it so much that you don’t hesitate to kill Adrianne?”

She tried to justify herself while explaining “I didn’t intend to kill Adriana…..

Further he replied. Yes you didn’t kill her but you paid some gangster to rape her. He didn’t let Anna explain herself. His eyes become very irritable.


He pushed Anna out of the car with anger and fell into rain in embarrassment. With a cold voice he asked her.

Miss Anna, what do you do to Adriana, I do to you. How good is it to be naked?

Anna Jian suddenly raised her head and looked into the car door incredulously. The man sat in the car, gave her a condescending look, took out the veil, and wiped his fingers slowly: “Anna, I am very tired now, please Back.”

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A Dangerous Atrophy Novel Free

“Danny Shen! Listen to me! I really…”

“It’s not impossible for me to listen to you.” The man raised his eyelids indifferently, and glanced at Anna: “If you would be willing to kneel in front of my Shen’s manor one night, maybe I am in a good mood, willing Give Anna ten minutes.”

The door of the car suddenly has closed, and a veil thrown out of the car, and it fell in front of Anna Jian, wet by rain.

Anna Jian lowered his head, picked up the veil in the rain, and pinched it firmly in his palm.

The car drove into the Shen Family Manor, and the iron gate of the Shen Family Manor closed mercilessly in front of her.

In the rain, Anna Jian’s face was pale. She stood for a while, then suddenly raised her head and walked to the gate of the Shen Family Manor. Anna pressed her lips tightly and slammed her knee to the ground.

She kneels!

Not because of atonement!

Just because Adriana is her friend of Anna! The friend died, she should bow down. Not because everyone thought she killed Adriana!

image of a dangerous atrophy

A Dangerous Atrophy Book

You will find this book full of suspense. You would know how people hide their personal issues for the troubles of others. How less possessed people are being played in the hands of powerful people? How their aspirations are grinned? Beside these all facts we must have a hope to move forward. Read a full novel about a dangerous atrophy online.

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  1. i wanted to read the full story of anna jian and danny shen in a dangerous atrophy. but this online novel seems to be not there anymore. why?


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