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With each passing day, TikTok users come up with new slang terms to trouble the newbies on the app. This time the new users of TikTok have encountered another alien word, ‘Abow’, and are looking to find its meaning on the platform. If you are among these users, here we have gathered all the information related to this trendy word from TikTok. Have a look!

TikTok has its own collection of catchphrases, slang terms, and acronyms. In a nutshell, the users have their own TikTok dictionary that contains a variety of words. Although these slang terms are easy to understand for the natives of TikTok, they create huge trouble for the occasional visitors.

Following the words like Cheugy’, ‘heather’, ‘simp’, and ‘bussin’, users are now having trouble understanding the term ‘Abow’. Thus, below we have pieced together all the possible meanings of this trendy phrase from TikTok.

What Is The Meaning Of Abow On TikTok?

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The word Abow is used differently in different contexts. Some users have revealed that Abow is a Sweden term.

People belonging to Sweden and its surroundings use the term Abow to express disbelief in something. It can also be used instead of ‘wow’ and is to express shock.

Some other users have claimed that this term has originated from Arab or Turkey. However, in both Arabic and Turkish origins, the term Abow gives the same meaning.

To know further about this word, we read the definitions of Abow in Urban Dictionary. As per the Urban Dictionary, ‘abow’ is “a slang that basically means ‘wow’ or ‘damn’”.

Some other definitions of Abow from the Urban Dictionary are as follows:

“A Swedish slang often used in the suburbs, basically the ghetto of Sweden, it means shit or like wooow

Usage: Did you see that game last night? Abow it was crazy!”

Another definition from the Urban Dictionary reads:

“Abow got its origin from the Arabic language and it is being used in Sweden and other European countries since the ’80s (because of immigration) you say abow when you’re shocked, it basically means like damn or wow

“My girlfriend cheated on me” ” abow bro that shit is fked up” or ” abow look at how she is posing in this picture”

The next definition from the Urban Dictionary says:

“A word often used when in shock. Abow is a synonym to damn. IT IS NOT a synonym to periodt!

The word is in Sweden associated to “Swedish roadmen”- and their slang.

Example 1:

– “My girl cheated on me”

– Abowww :/

Example 2:

– “Look at this girl!”

– Abow she’s something else!”

Abow Song TikTok

Image Of Abow Song TikTok

The word Abow has got popularity on the app for another reason. Yes, thanks to the soundtrack Blow The Whistle by the artist 810Smoke, that made the word Abow go viral on TikTok.

The track has paved the path for a whole new trend and users have rolled over 10,000 TikTok videos featuring this song in the background.

TikTok users have titled the song ‘Abow’ and are lip-synching to its lyrics. However, not all the users are getting settled with the track. Some users are complaining about the lyrics for being annoying.

One user wrote, “why is ABOW stuck in my vocab already?”

Another said, “That ABOW song has been stuck in my head for 2 days.”

“Thanks a lot, TikTok, another song that’ll be playing on repeat in my head”, said someone else.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of Abow on TikTok. Hopefully, we are being able to guide you about the meaning of this trendy slang term from TikTok.

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