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Heard your friends talking about Anokhina From TikTok? Want to know who she is and why is she famous? If yes, then you are on the most relevant space, keep reading and get to know all information about this viral TikTok star.

TikTok users are talking a lot about Anokhina and Benji Krol, this article will provide you all the details about what’s going between these TikTok stars. Despite of the age gap between them, fans think that they are in a relationship. But to what extent, do you think this news is true? If it’s true how it all started and how far will it go? In today’s post we will discuss all these opinions.

Whether they are in a relationship or not, Anokhina is currently trending on TikTok. If you are active on this video sharing application, then you might have seen plenty of hash tags saying #anokhinalz. As of now this hash tag has garnered 31.1 million views and the count is still on. Let’s discuss more about this young content creator. Keep Scrolling!

Who Is Anokhina From TikTok

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Anokhina is a young content creator from TikTok. She has a TikTok family of 14.9 Million users. According to her TikTok bio, her name is Liza. Till now, she has amassed 408.5 Million hearts on all of her videos. She gets millions of views and hearts from the TikTok fam on all of her videos. Though her account isn’t verified by TikTok yet, but she has a considerable fan base.

As she is going viral currently, fans are probing to know about her age, birth place and most importantly her relationship with the Brazilian content creator Benji Krol. Both are being spotted in various TikTok videos together, this is why fans think that they are in a relationship. But, let’s not derive any conclusion before the duo confirms this news.

How Old Is Anokhina From TikTok

Born on April 30th, 2007, Anokhina is a 13 year old content creator from Russia. She is born and raised in Russia while her zodiac sign is Taurus. At a very young age, this Russian beauty has got all the spot light from TikTok and other social media platforms. Anokhina is quite popular on all of her social media channels.

Her height is thought to be approximately 176cm tall. On TikTo, she is mainly known for her vibrant blue hair, creative makeup and catchy content at a very young age.

You can know more about her from her Instagram account. You can find her on Instagram using the user name @anokhina_elizabeth_2007. Currently, she has 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She mostly uploads pictures of herself and friends from her Instagram account.

She also has a YouTube channel; you can find her channel under the user name (Лиза Анохина). Though she has not uploaded any content on her YouTube channel so far, but still she has got 1.18 million subscribers.

Anokhina From TikTok Bio

Image Of Anokhina From TikTok Bio

The creator usually comes up with funny content on TikTok. She is also good and creating Vlogs for her TikTok account. In most of her videos, she includes food and her fans enjoy them a lot. She also participates in fun and dance challenges on this video sharing app.

Currently, fans are curious to know, if this young beauty is in relationship with the Brazilian content creator Benji. Benji also has a considerable fan following on his TikTok account. Both the TikTok stars are seen collaborating for their TikTok videos. This is the reason why fans think they are in a relationship. But, so far none of the stars have talked about it.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about your favorite Anokhina From TikTok. Hope the article has provided enough information about this viral TikTok celeb.

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