Aunt Amanda Got Cancelled For Endorsing Trump

AmandaLee Fago known as Aunt Amanda on TikTok, is a nurse and a common mum who has over 2.6 million followers on TikTok. She has a verified blue tick for her account on TikTok, where she is praised by her fans for her advices, recipes and her charming personality. She has a huge Fan base on TikTok as everyone turns to her for advice in their crucial times. This is the reason TikTokers have named her “Aunt Amanda”.

But something unbelievable has happened lately and seems like “Aunt Amanda” isn’t going to be the favorite Aunt on TikTok anymore. Want to know what has actually happened? keep reading!

Aunt Amanda Tiktok

Image Of Aunt Amanda Tiktok.

Aunt Amanda is just a normal mother form New Jersey, who has gained so much popularity for her videos giving advices and sharing recipes. She is also being loved by many for her pleasant personality. Currently she is the favorite aunt for almost all the TikTok users. This is why her TikTok bio says, “A Queen, Mom & ur favorite Tiktok Aunt”.

By profession, AmandaLee Fago is a Nurse. She makes TikTok videos in her free time. As the election results are some hours away, Amanda has disappointed her fans by live streaming a video from an indoor party. The people sitting behind her were wearing outfits containing Trump’s logo and the entire room was decorated with Trump’s banners. The video soon became viral on the internet and the followers of Amanda have shown strong reactions towards it.

Aunt Amanda Cancelled

Aunt Amanda’s TikTok was considered the emotional support TikTok account by the TikTok users but seems like the tradition won’t continue for long. Since Aunt Amanda has betrayed her fans by attending a party that was endorsed to Donald Trump, a new trend has been flaunting on TiKTok saying #Cancelauntamanda”.

So many TikTok users have already participated in the trend by making videos against the favorite aunt. The TikTok users have said that, Aunt Amanda has manipulated her audience by attending the Covid Filled Trump’s party. She has stated that “you are mad that I didn’t vote for who you wanted”. Fans have now assumed that she has voted for Donald Trump and that’s pure manipulation.

Why Aunt Amanda Cancelled On TikTok

Image Of Why Aunt Amanda Cancelled On TikTok

Some of Amanda’s fans got confused after encountering so many videos saying “#Cancelauntamanda” as they missed the whole story. For those who missed it here is the tale!

Amanda In her most recent post said that “I didn’t want to be a part of everything [voting] came with and everything that these two represented,” in short she spoke about teaching her son, not to hate people for their differences. Soon after this video she was seen in a party endorsing to Donald Trump.

After this live video session Amanda’s fan are in a deep shockwave as she never supported Trump before. Right after this video session she was picked by her fans and they attempted to cancel her. In response to comments made by her fans she replied that “This is not my livelihood, this is for fun,”

After all this drama her fans have stated strong displeasure towards her attitude.

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Final Words

Considering the accepting nature of Aunt Amanda and the rainbow flag in her bio, fans were expecting her to vote for blue. But she spilled water over all her fans expectation by participating in a party endorsed to Donald Trump. In their comments, her fans have stated that, they were all rooting for her but she has disappointed them all. Now the fans think that she is not their favorite TikTok aunt anymore!

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  1. it wasn’t just the fact of her supporting trump–she was insinuating that she was going for biden by liking all the biden comments people left on her page, as well as loading her post with blue hearts which again, is showing she supports biden; she also said the n-word in 2 of her tiktok posts #thatsawrap


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