Average Enjoyer Meme — Here’s All You Need To Know

Have you witnessed your timeline filled with Average Enjoyer Meme? Want to know what does it mean and how this meme was originated? If yes, then you have reached the accurate spot, keep reading and get to know all details about the Average Enjoyer Meme.

Memes have become a staple commodity for the social media users. Every time you will open your social media platform, you will witness plenty of memes flaunting on your newsfeed. These memes have enabled the content creators to grow and reach massive number of audience. Though coming up with new content on daily basis isn’t easy for the creators but memes have enabled them to cope with it easily.

Currently, the Average Enjoyer Meme is taking over the internet with storm. Here is all you need to know about this trendy meme. Keep scrolling!

What Is Average Enjoyer Meme

Image Of What Is Average Enjoyer Meme

The new Average Enjoyer Meme is a format that compares one group of fans of a certain thing with other group of fans of another thing negatively. The meme features an image of two people who fall within the archetypes of Soyboy and a Chad.

Now for the readers who don’t know what is Soyboy and a Chad, these are slang terms which mean men lacking masculine characteristics and sexually active “alpha male” respectively.

The meme format of Average Enjoyer Meme resembles the formats of popular memes Virgin vs. Chad and Yes Chad. The first image for Average Enjoyer Meme is taken from a video by YouTuber James’ YouNiverse, while the second picture is of an unknown person who went viral on internet due to his unusual jaw lines.

This unknown person is said to be undergone plastic surgery to attain chiseled facial features. So in a nutshell the images depict two type of guys, one as Soyboy and the next as a Chad.

Origin Of Average Enjoyer Meme

The meme was initially created by a Twitter user. The twitter user @ocenotvevo posted the first meme on September 30th, 2019. He combined two images, one taken from a YouTube video and another from internet. He posted the image with the caption, “Average space travel enthusiast” and “average flat earther.”

The meme became considerably popular gaining 20 retweets and 600 likes in a year. After being introduced by a Twitter user, this meme made its way towards Reddit in October 2019. An unknown reddit user posted the first alteration of Average Enjoyer Meme on October 18th, 2019.

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Spread Of The Meme

Image Of Spread Of The Meme

For almost a month, the meme was not altered by any social media user after being rolled by the reddit user in October 2019. Later in November 2019 a user from humor site “iFunny” posted the first viral alteration of the format.

He replaced the Chad’s caption to “average ocean appreciator.” This alteration was liked by so many users. It gained over 2,000 smiles in just nine months and it was reposted multiple times by “iFunny” users.

This derivative version was also shared by various Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter users in the following months. After this format of Average Enjoyer Meme, it settled down for various months and then on On June 9th the meme reappeared after being posted by a Twitter user named on Twitter as @snackoon.

This time the caption was changed to, “weed smokers” and “bread and oil enjoyers”. It received more than 270 retweets and 700 likes within few weeks and it became widely spread on all social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

This was all about the viral Average Enjoyer Meme. Hope you have got enough information about it. Let us know whether the content was helpful or not.

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