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The Chinese novel Her Eternal Mr Right revolves around the life story of Irene, the lead female character of story. After being cheated by her husband Edric, she lives a miserable life. Irene had some health complications so she was not fertile. Even after three years of marriage, Irene was not blessed with a baby. Her mother in law didn’t like her either, but Irene really loved her husband.

On one fine day, Irene came to know that Lily (their mistress) was pregnant with Edric’s child. Irene was so heart-broken when she came to know that her husband cheated her. She couldn’t accept the reality and she pushed Lily on to the floor. Suddenly Lily started bleeding and she was then taken to the emergency room.

Her Eternal Mr Right Novel

Edric and Irene were really important to one another just few weeks back, but now everything seemed different. The cold reaction from Edric made her believe that her husband isn’t happy with her. While she was absorbed in her thoughts, her mother-in-law arrived and she slapped Irene cursing her for making Lily end up in the emergency room.

Right after that the doctor came with the news that Lily’s child was no more in this world. Irene’s mother-in-law was enraged to an extent that she started thrashing Irene. The next moment, when Irene opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed. When she resumed her consciousness, she witnessed her husband’s lawyer standing next to her. Another bad news was waiting for Irene and this was something she never thought of.

Her Eternal Mr Right Novel Read Online

The lawyer was holding divorce papers in his hands. He also conveyed Edric’s message that he wants her to leave without even taking a single penny from Edric’s property. Irene was shocked, she found herself helpless. It was not the guy she loved, she was not able to believe if this was the same Edric, who said Irene means world to him.

Well, it was worthless to think more because Irene understood that she means nothing to her husband now. She signed the divorce papers without any further negotiations and left the town with a heavy heart.

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Her Eternal Mr Right Free Novel

After few years she comes back but this time as Jordan’s assistant. She accompanies Jordan to a party and there she witnesses Edric with Lily. Being dressed casually, Irene looked more like a waitress that night. Lily and her friend humiliated Irene and Irene replied them with bowls full of sausages. Due to her rude behavior she ends up in jail but soon she gets bail because Jordan (A Business Tycoon) came forward for her help.

Jordan didn’t like Irene much because he was a play boy and he loved many attractive females. His secretary (Irene) dressed traditionally, which he didn’t like much. After coming back, she encounters many other miserable incidents that take her directly to Edric.

Her Ex mother-in-law hits Irene with her car and Irene ends up in hospital. Edric thinks if Irene wants something form them so he reaches her to ask how much she wants to stay away from their lives. It was heart breaking for Irene to hear such cold words from the guy she loved the most.

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After ending up with an injured knee and arm, Irene request Jordan for a leave but he refuses right away. He thinks if she is lying just to stay home peacefully. When Irene comes to office, Jordan was still not ready to believe she was injured. So, he decides to open the bandages and check whether she’s injured or not.

To check her injuries he moves towards her and for the first time he notices her bright eyes and a clear skin. He thinks to himself why he didn’t notice her earlier. Being so close to her boss, Irene feels uncomfortable and she asks to leave. The next moment, Jordan assigns her a task to purchase a gift for Edric as he was getting engaged.

Her Eternal Mr Right Chapter 12

Image Of Her Eternal Mr Right Chapter 12

After listening to Jordan’s orders, Irene requests him to assign this task to someone else but Jordan denies doing so. Now, she came to know that, Edric was not yet married to lily but this made no difference to her. Deep down in his heart, Edric still cares about Irene but he was shocked to see how Irene’s personality has changed over time.

On the other hand Jordan starts noticing her and he comes forward to help her in her worse situations. Does Edric still love her? Will Jordan know the reality of Irene? To know the answers and to get your hands on all the chapters hit the read button.

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