Awooga Meme — What Does It Refer To?

Another day passed and people on internet have come up with a new meme known on internet as Awooga Meme. The meme sounds so alien that most of the people on social media websites are probing what it actually means.

If you are among those people who haven’t got the meaning of this viral phrase then you have reached the most related post. Keep reading and get to know about the true meaning of the trendy Awooga Meme.

Memes have become an essential part of our social media lives. I wonder what would have we done if memes were not there on the social media platforms. Coming up with unique content wouldn’t have been so easy for content creators, if memes didn’t exist. Fortunately, we have also found a perfect solution to express our feelings without even offending someone.

With every passing day, we witness new memes flaunting on the social sites. But not every meme is easy to understand. Some memes are created after any specific scenario or form a TV show, but enjoying these memes might not be possible without knowing the back-story.

In today’s article we will talk about the true essence of Awooga Meme. Stick with us!

What Is Awooga Meme

Image Of What Is Awooga Meme

The trendy Awooga Meme refers to a series of “Copypasta” that feature verbal representation of the expressions made by cartoon characters when they witness a beautiful woman. This phrase is extracted from Tex Avery’s Red Hot Riding Hood. After spread of Awooga Meme, meme creators have rolled some similar alterations such as *Tongue Rolls Out* and Hummina Hummina and Jaw Drops.

Social media users are talking a lot about this meme. Redditors are also busy with creating alterations of Awooga Meme. Here are some common verbal expressions created by Redditors, “*jaw drops to floor, eyes pop out of sockets accompanied by trumpets, heart beats out of chest, awooga awooga sound effect, pulls chain on train whistle that has appeared next to head as steam blows out, slams fists on table, rattling any plates, bowls or silverware, whistles loudly, fireworks shoot from top of head, pants loudly as tongue hangs out of mouth, wipes comically large bead of sweat from forehead, clears throat, straightens tie, combs hair* Ahem, you look very lovely.”

Origin Of Awooga Meme

Image Of Origin Of Awooga Meme

This trendy meme originated form Facebook. But there is no information about the initial creator and about the year of creation. Though there is zero information about the initial creator of Awooga Meme but we all know that it is extracted from Red Hot Riding Hood.

For readers who don’t know much about Red Hot Riding Hood, it is an animated cartoon by Tex Avery. It was initially released on May 8th, 1943. The cartoon series is all about the story of Red Riding Hood.

She is an attractive performer in a Hollywood nightclub while the Big Bad Wolf has performed as Hollywood swinger. In one scene, the wolf goes mad after seeing Red Riding Hood performing on the stage. This particular scene later paved path for the viral meme phrase Awooga Awooga.

later, an image was posted on r/cringepics that was a screenshot of a Facebook post generated in September of an unknown year. The uploaded image featured three women standing with the catch phrase Awooga.

Following this another sequence of meme was posted on reddit which was not quite fruitful. But later an associated image uploaded on “Imgur” garnered 1.7 million views right after it was uploaded. This is how the meme was originated.

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Final Words

This was all about the famous Awooga Meme. Let us know if you have found this article informative.

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