Ice Bath Challenge Try Guys — The YouTubers In Trouble

If you love watching comedy shows then you might have heard about the ice bath challenge try guys. It is all about the controversy of American award winning comedy series The Try Guys that streams on YouTube with over 7.5 million subscribers.

The popular YouTube channel The Try Guys is being thrashed by fans for featuring a pseudo-scientist in their recent video. The video features The Try Guys team submerged inside bath tubs filled with ice. In that same video, the YouTubers featured a scientist who is an anti-vaxxer. After being thrashed by people on internet, the video was edited and the false scientist was edited out of the video.

Let’s know more about what the ice bath challenge is. Keep reading!

What Is Ice Bath Challenge Try Guys

Image Of The Try Guys Ice Bath Challenge

The ice bath challenge is an addition to the videos of the Try Guys YouTube channel that features the team members sitting in bath tubs filled with ice. The team consists of keith habersberger, ned fulmer, zach kornfeld, and eugene yang. They are quite popular on YouTube with more than 7.5 million subscribers.

They also have a massive followers count on other social media platforms including Instagram, twitter and Facebook. The team started on Buzzfeed but after being popular they separated from the media company in 2018. Their hilarious content is praised by people from all social media platforms.

The Try Guys Ice Bath Challenge

The try guys come up with hilarious content every single day but this time they decided to take up an extreme challenge. They took the challenge of staying inside a bath tub filled with ice, and the challenge was to stay longer in the freezing water. They also added expert opinion to explain the biological effects of such a cold exposure on the body.

The expert was none other than Ben Greenfield, who is often called as anti-vaxxer. It means that Ben Greenfield doesn’t favor children vaccinations. He believes that vaccines are not good for humans. As soon as the ice bath challenge video was posted on YouTube, audience started expressing their disgust in the comment section.

Most of the viewers seem disappointed after seeing such bad influence created by their favorite YouTube stars. Most of the commentors claimed that the video was full of harmful ideas.

Try Guys Ice Bath Guest

In the video, the pseudo-scientist Ben Greenfield said that submerging in cold water has several health benefits. Most of us know that this is just a false statement because staying longer in cold water can impact your health negatively.

After listening to baseless opinion of the false scientist, this is how people on social media have reacted to the video. One user tweeted “was excited to watch this video until i found out you featured an anti vaxxer who thinks vaccines cause autism. I know this doesn’t reflect you guys or your views, so i hope you address this soon”.

Another user suggested the YouTubers to remove the video using the following words, “you guys should delete this video asap. Not only is there a lot of either unverified or harmful statements, the advice is actually dangerous for many.”

One other user from twitter expressed his disgust in following words. “v disappointed to see u promoting pseudoscience and platforming a known antivaxxer & ableist. Hope u consider taking this down, or editing out Greenfield and adding disclaimers. The internet knows u as a group of fun-loving and intelligent guys and this doesn’t even fit ur brand!”

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Bottom line

After listening to plenty of harsh comments, The Try Guys have edited the video and removed the false scientist’s opinion. They also have apologized their fans for the inconvenience.

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