Anime World Portal — All You Need To Know

Have you heard your friends talking about Anime World Portal? Want to know what it is and how it can be located over Google map? If yes, then you are going through the most relevant post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this viral phrase

The world of online video games is evolving on a higher pace. People prefer online games over traditional ones and so the game developers are coming up with new ways to play online videos games. Over few recent years, game developers have introduced various new technologies inside the game-fields to create better experience for the players.

In some recent weeks, video game players are talking a lot about the Anime World Portal. Some users are referring it as just a scam while majority thinks that the game exists in real. There is a lot of confusing data about this viral game on internet.

In today’s article we will discuss whether it is just a speculation or you can have a real experience while playing this game. Keep reading!

What Is Anime World Portal

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After hearing a lot from people on internet, we did an extensive research about the this viral phrase. Besides a Google map location we weren’t able to identify anything related to it. There are some YouTube videos about it but we ended up wasting our time because most of the videos feature YouTubers searching for this location in Google map. All of them are ending up on a pinned location by Google.

After probing on various internet platforms we came to know that a game named as Anime World Portal exists. It is online video game, developed and published in Japan. The game requirement is to search a game character’s location in your Google map.

You have to follow the location and capture this character. It is more like catching Pokemon. According to some websites this video game is gaining popularity all over the world, but we are not sure if it really exists.

Is There A Portal To The Anime World?

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About this viral game there are so many conflicts among internet users. According to some it is just a scam. One reddit user has said that it is just fan-made story and there isn’t any location such as Anime World Portal.

According to a Redditor known on Reddit as Shailendra Khade, Anime World Portal is just a story. Here is what he thinks about this viral search terminology. “Fans are looking for anime world portal on Goggle Maps.

As some people are claiming that “Anime Portal World, Bermuda” exits in reality in Google Maps. Even they have created videos are uploaded on social media sites showing the place on Google Maps. It is fake and they are just making a story because Anime World Portal is a place found on Google Maps”.

He further added, “I tried to found the place searching it on maps. I didn’t find anything because no such place exists. It’s nothing but a story and just fan-made. Anime is a cartoon series that originated from Japan; it is an animated or hand-drawn cartoon series that people have loved it. So there is no way you can found it in reality”

Where Is Anime World Located?

Though so many people agree with what Shailendra Khade said on reddit, but there are some people who think the location actually exists in Google. A reddit user known as Pink Vertudez, have said that they have found the location in Google.

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Final Thoughts

After an extensive research we have come to the conclusion that no such location exists in real. It is just a hand-drawn cartoon series developed in Japan.

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