Babychar17 Has Ruined Another Trend: Faced Backlash

The TikTok user Babychar17 has ruined another trend and users don’t seem happy with it. This popular user, who is known for destroying TikTok trends has messed up another trend known on TikTok as Ankha Video Trend. Here is more you need to know about this trend.

Babychar17 hasn’t just ruined Ankha Trend but also a viral TikTok song. Ankha video trend that became popular recently features a character from animal crossing named Ankha. The trend showcases the popular Egyptian car dancing to a viral song. This video trend has become hugely popular among Nintendo fans.

However, recently a TikTok user named Babychar17 has ruined this trend and Ankha fans have given a hostile response to it. Some of the users have even started reporting the video after they have seen their favorite animal crossing character in an inappropriate video.

Babychar17 Ankha Video Trend

Image Of Babychar17 Ankha Video Trend

If you are a Nitendo Fan, you must be familiar with Ankha and the recent video trend that went viral. For people who aren’t much familiar with Ankha, it is an Islander in the Animal Crossing World. The name “Ankha”, derives from the word “Ankh” which is an Egyptian hieroglyphic character meaning “Life”.

Furthermore, Ankha is a popular character in almost and appears in many game bars including Animal Forest, Wild World, and Pocket Camp. This popular character is followed by many Nitendo fans but the way Ankha is being represented in TikTok is inappropriate for the majority of users.  Hence, the Nitendo players have slammed Babychar17 for featuring their favorite character in a sexually explicit video.

Babychar17 has uploaded this video on TikTok with a caption, “Not trying to ruin another ‘trend’ again but I think I’ve ruined another trend again ….” This isn’t the first time Babychar17 has ruined a TikTok trend, she is mainly popular for doing the same to many other viral TikTok trends.

As soon as the explicit video was being uploaded, it received an overwhelmingly negative response from the users. They were upset with Babychar17 for incorporating pornographic content into a video trend they loved a lot.

What Is The Ankha Trend?

Image Of What Is The Ankha Trend

Before this explicit video was shared by Babychar, another user from Twitter had posted it in February. But it didn’t become so popular. However, more recently users have started uploading the video and it has become immensely viral on several platforms.

The sexually explicit video showcases Ankha involving in s*xual activity to a music track playing in the background. Some users have cropped the NSFW elements out of the video to avoid it getting banned from the video-sharing app.

Seeing the video making rounds on several platforms, Nitendo fans have expressed their displeasure over Twitter.

One Twitter user wrote, “Why did I watch the ankha video”. Another user wrote, STOP RETWEETING THE VIDEO OF ANKHA FROM ANIMAL CROSSING I DONT NEED TO SEE IT every day.”

“Chile I’m into animal crossing too and I regret seeing the ankha video. Never gonna see her the same way”, said a third user.

A user named @Livi expressed her curiosity about the video being viral. She wrote, “Why does TikTok keep showing me that Ankha video on my fyp”. Somebody else discussed how the video is flaunting across their fyp. They wrote, “my whole fyp is about the ankha video no”. While another user simply asked, “So y’all Seen the animal crossing video too..?”

Babychar17 has also received negative comments for playing her part to ruin this video trend.

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Final Thoughts

The original Ankha video trend has a collection of 27 thousand videos that mostly feature users recreating the Ankha dance and dressing up like Ankha. However, Babychar17 Has now Ruined this amazing Trend like many other trends she did in past.

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