Criminal Cases That TikTok Users Have Helped Solve

TikTok is considered a bizarre platform by most people but do you know there are several Criminal Cases That TikTok Users Have Helped Solve? Let’s get to know about some criminal cases that have helped the crime agencies solve some critical cases.

Being widely used, social media platforms harness the power to spot crimes and criminals. Some of the recent events where TikTok content creators have helped solve criminal cases are the living proof to justify the previous claim. Yes, the role of social media in helping to solve criminal cases isn’t just reserved for fictional TV dramas but this is happening in real-time now.

There are even some TikTok accounts that are based on the sole purpose of identifying crimes and creating awareness about them. Since it is quite easy for a video to go viral on TikTok, the crime reports and awareness campaigns reach a great number of audiences really fast.

Here are some of the TikTok videos that have helped law enforcement agencies solve criminal cases.

How Can TikTok Users Help Solve Criminal Cases?

How Can TikTok Users Help Solve Criminal Cases

TikTok is a widespread application and it has a user base of over 60M active creators. Being used in every corner of the world, you will encounter video creators shooting videos at every corner of the road. Some of these videos provide a whole new perspective for criminal cases and TikTok users turn into amateur sleuths.

You might have heard about Gabby Petito’s case if you are an avid user of TikTok. Social media played a vital role in solving this critical case. Petito went on a road trip and she documented the trip with her fiancé 60M active creators. She kept posting about their trip via Instagram which later helped to solve the riddle of her going missing.

Following the timeline of her posts, social media users came up with their own theories. And the hashtag #GabbyPetito earned over a billion views. Besides raising attention to the Petito case, users also bought forward Miranda Baker.

Baker revealed that she picked up Brian Laundrie. But “He kind of hurried out of the car, and then was like ‘I’m going to find someone else to hitchhike’. And we’re like, okay.’ It was a weird situation.”

Later, poor Petito’s dead body was found.

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Users Who Helped To Solve Criminal Cases

Image Of Three Users Who Helped To Solve Criminal Cases

Another event was when TikTok helped solve the disappearance of 17-year-old Alissa Turney. The campaign was started on TikTok when Sarah Turney the sister of Alissa Turney uploaded their videos and footage of Turney’s stepfather Michael Turney. Sarah intensified the focus on the relationship of her sister with their step-father.

Later, their step-father Michale Turney was charged with second-degree homicide. Later, Sarah addressed her fans in a video saying. “When haters talk smack about you joining TikTok, but it gets your sister’s case in the news.”

In the year 2020, a group of TikTokers was recording a video using the Randonautica app. The app sent them to an unknown location where they found a suitcase. They filmed and uploaded the suitcase to TikTok but later found the dead bodies of Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner. This video was later removed from the platform.

In another viral TikTok video, a 14-year-old TikTok user Miller confessed to murdering his older sister. The video appeared on the foryou page and the case got immense attention. However, Miller’s account was later being removed from the app.

Concluding Remarks

TikTok users have helped solve all the above-mentioned criminal cases, there are many other similar cases that didn’t get much popularity hence are not known on social media.

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