Bama Rush Videos TikTok – Explained

Bama Rush videos have resurfaced on TikTok and users have found them more amusing than ever. If you have missed this video trend before, take a look at it before it disappears again.

Seems like it is the season for old videos and meme trends to resurface on TikTok. In the last few weeks, we are witnessing old TikTok video trends resurfacing on the app.

Bama Rush Videos too have made their way again to TikTok alongside some other trend. TikTok users have revealed that they have found the current Bama Rush Videos more entertaining than ever.

If you are a newbie TikTok user, let us explain to you what this video trend is all about and when it emerged on TikTok for the first time.

What Are Bama Rush Videos On TikTok?

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Well, The Bama Rush video trend is short for Alabama Rush that involves future University of Alabama Students sharing their sorority pledge videos on TikTok.

If you think sororities are just limited to movies, you are wrong because these are still a thing at American colleges. Whatever you want to be, you have to send a video detailing why you want to join. Students find it funny thus the videos get to TikTok and go viral.

 Now, for those readers who are not aware of what Sorority is, Sorority is a rush process of sorority recruitment, where university undergraduates join a sorority. Further, Sorority is a group on the college campus that aims at fostering friendship within the community and bringing people of similar interests together.

Normally, the girl gang joins a sorority while the boys join a fraternity. And guess what, they also have traditional Greek names like Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Mu.

The process of joining a sorority isn’t easy at all. It involves a number of themed rounds with different events, and yes the video application is mandatory.

The latest video trend, Bama Rush is just a similar thing. It is the recruitment process that takes place at the University of Alabama, which is among the top universities in the USA.

People usually start applying for sororities in the first week of August, it is the time when the first college term starts. The process goes on for several days and so the trend appears every year on TikTok in the first few days of August.

TikTok Bama Rush Videos Are Taking Over The App

Image Of TikTok Bama Rush Videos Are Taking Over The App

The Bama Rush videos that we are getting to watch this time are even more entertaining than the ones we came across last year.

The majority of TikTok users instead of sharing their videos with the sorority leader, are sharing them on TikTok. While uploading the videos they all are using hashtags #BamaRush and #AlabamaRush. To your surprise, the sorority leaders then watch these on the video-sharing app.

The trend has gone crazily popular amassing 845 million views. The other hashtag #AlabamaRush has earned more than 150 million views too.

Although these videos are just created with an intention to be seen by sorority leaders and by other people of the University of Alabama but surprisingly they have found a new audience too.

The trend has gone so viral that users have even taken it to TikTok. Talking about the trend one user wrote on TikTok, “Me excited to keep up with all the Alabama Rush girls on TikTok for the next two weeks #bamarush.”

Another user said, “Anyone else invested in this ‘BAMA RUSH’ on TikTokTok??? These girls going to bloody boot camp,”

“Bama Rush needs to become a Netflix documentary”, added another.

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The Final Thoughts

This was all about the trendy Bama Rush Videos and their origin on TikTok. How do you find these videos? Let us know your opinion in the below comment box.

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