My Little Pony Jar Meme – Going Viral On The Internet

The latest meme to go viral on the internet is ‘The My Little Pony Jar Meme’ and users seem annoyed about it. Some users are comparing it to the pathetic vabbing trend that recently went viral on the internet.

The Internet is full of bizarre trends and memes. Just recently, Vabbing sickened the TikTok users and now it’s The My Little Pony Jar Meme. Vabbing was a trend that faced immense backlash on TikTok in the last week. If you have missed this trend it was a bizarre perfume process where women applied their vaginal excretions on their bodies with the aim to attract their sexual partner. Although a considerable number of users participated in this trend, the majority of users didn’t like it at all.

Following Vabbing, another bizarre meme trend has made its way to the internet. If you are an avid social media user, you must have witnessed ‘My Little Pony Jar’ before this. This meme trend first appeared on the internet in the year 2014.

Here is more about what the ‘My Little Pony Jar’ meme is all about and how it made its way to social media.

What Is The ‘My Little Pony Jar Meme’?

Image Of What Is The ‘My Little Pony Jar Meme’

Before proceeding to explain what this bizarre trend is all about, let us tell you that you find the explanation uncomfortable. So, proceed to read at your own risk.

Well, ‘My Little Pony Jar’ is an old meme that has resurfaced on the internet these days. It was first posted on 4chan back in April 2014. For readers who are not aware of what 4chan is, it is an English-language imageboard website that hosts a variety of topics.

It functions similar as Reddit and it helps people find friends with similar interests so that they can interact with content on the boards. As people share different images, some make their way to other social media channels as well and go viral.

Something similar has happened with ‘My Little Pony Jar Meme’. It is currently taking the internet by storm.

The story of ‘My Little Pony Jar Meme’ began when a 4chan user posted a story of filling up a jar with his own bodily liquid.

Here is how he explained the whole process:

“Hello my dearest /mlp/
I come before you today to reveal a horrible accident to the Pony Cum Jar Project. The place where I was hiding my cum jar were actually on top of a kind of radiator, that was connected to our furnace, and of course since it’s getting colder we light it up. So basically the Rainbow Dash figure has been boiled in cum. It’s brown now. And for comparison I have also got another glass of cum that’s about a week old.
I will probably still bury it someday.
Yours, PCJP.”

This meme has gone viral on the internet since then.

The My Little Pony Jar Meme Explained

Image Of The My Little Pony Jar Meme Explained

Internet users have found this trend so bizarre that it has sickened them all. Here is how social media users have reacted to this meme trend:

One user wrote, “don’t ever search ‘my little pony jar’”

Another said, “The my little pony jar was not how i wished to start my day”.

“So… I found out about the my little pony jar and its pathetic”, said another internet user.

Alongside this bizarre meme trend, users also are urging their friends not to search ‘Rainbow Kiss’ on Google.

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The Last Words

This was all about the viral My Little Pony Jar Meme trend and its origin. Hopefully, you have got all the information you were looking for.

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