Bamarush And Alabama Rush Trend TikTok — Explained

A new trend known on the video-sharing app as Bamarush And Alabama Rush is taking over the foryou page of TikTok. The trend has become popular after a user known on TikTok as ‘What would Jimmy Buffet do’ has shared a clip. What’s this clip all about? Let’s explore together!

TikTok is the ultimate source for your videos to go viral. It has even capacity to turn you out into a viral celebrity overnight. A single viral video and your name will reach every corner of the world. Quite similar is happening with a user whose name on TikTok goes as ‘What would Jimmy Buffet do’. This viral user has rolled a video and has become the Talk of the town.

If you are a regular scroller of TikTok, you might have witnessed people talking about joining the rush in a Southern accent. Well, this is all because of the students of the University of Alabama, who are constantly rolling their sorority pledge tryout videos.

If you have missed this popular trend, here is all you need to know about it.

What Is Bamarush And Alabama Rush Trend On TikTok

Image Of What Is Bamarush And Alabama Rush Trend On TikTok

The trend took its roots after a user named Makayla Culpepper known on TikTok as ‘What would Jimmy Buffet do’ rolled a video showcasing her preparation for the rush. In the video, she showcases her attire and the Jewelry she wore. Makayla along with her friends detailed her outfit. This video became immensely popular and it amassed more than a million views.

Following this viral video, Makayla Culpepper posted some more video clips that featured her wearing different outfits for the different events including Open House and Preference day. After getting a considerable number of followers, Makayla even made a video asking her followers to choose an outfit for her Sisterhood day. In this video, she also created a small snippet for herself.

Makayla Culpepper aka ‘What would Jimmy Buffet do’ has amassed millions of views on each of her videos. Considering the popularity of Makayla’s videos, thousands of other users also have hopped into the trend. The users have now started creating similar sorts of videos. Hence, it has become a viral trend on TikTok now.

Alabama Rush Trend TikTok

Image Of Alabama Rush Trend TikTok

The popular Alabama Rush Trend took its name from the sorority recruitment done at the University of Alabama. Usually, it is conducted as the semester commences.

During the whole rush week, sisters meet potential candidates who they think would be a perfect fit for their sorority. Throughout the week, individuals try to show off their different outfits on social platforms while giving a glimpse of the preparation that went into choosing them.

Different events are held during this week, these events include Sisterhood day, Philanthropy event, Open house, and Preference day. This event stays live for a couple of days and in the end, women find out whether they are selected by the sorority or not.

After Makayla has showcased her preparation for the rush week on TikTok, it has become a whole new trend. Many other content creators have also hopped into the trend and they have started creating a spoof of the original content.

The audio from Makayla’s viral video is taken to create many other similar videos. So far, the hashtag ‘bamarush’ has racked up 159.7 million views on the platform. While the Alabama rush hashtag has amassed a staggering 50.2 million views. Both the hashtags have become immensely popular and the trend also is flooding the foryou page of TikTok.

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Bottom Line

This was all from the viral Bamarush And Alabama Rush Trend on TikTok. We just hope that you have got all the available information about this popular trend.

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