Beer Beer Truck Truck Song — The Hit Country Track

A hilarious viral TikTok has given birth to a new country song “Beer Beer Truck Truck” and users on the video-sharing app seem obsessed with it. Here is the hilarious story of how “
Beer Beer Truck Truck” song was created and why it became a big hit.

A new country song has just been released and it has taken over the foryou page of TikTok. Before this big hit, “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes has remained user’s favorite for months. This new viral track takes its roots from a hilarious TikTok video rolled by a user in October 2020. Taking this funny TikTok into account, George Birge (Austin-born singer and songwriter) has come with a whole new song.

Here is the back story of this popular TikTok song. Stay tuned!

What Is The Beer Beer Truck Truck TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Beer Beer Truck Truck TikTok

The Beer Beer Truck Truck is a new country song that has stormed the foyou page of TikTok. This song is created by George Birge after being inspired by a hilarious TikTok video that went viral in late 2020.

In October 2020, a user Erynn Chambers known on TikTok as @rynnstar having more than 700,000 followers, has posted a video where shoe mocked the lyrics of Country songs. She wrote the caption, “men in Country music” and she sang what she thinks every single Country song written by a man sounds like. She sang “Beer, beer, truck, truck, girls in tight jeans. Beer, truck, beer truck, America America”. “He cheated on me so I burned down his house and destroyed everything he loved and then I killed him”, she continued.

The video sounded extremely hilarious and it became quite popular on the video-sharing app. George Birge also witnessed the video and he thought of coming up with a real song out of this hilarious clip. Finally, he has complete the song and rolled it for users.

Beer Beer Truck Truck TikTok

Image Of Beer Beer Truck Truck TikTok

Beer Beer Truck Truck is created by a country singer called George Birge, who was once a member of the Country duo Waterloo Revival. The preparation of this song was revealed by him in December when he rolled a video while trying to turn the popular song into a real song. He showcased himself working on the lyrics used by Erynn Chambers in her viral video.

Over the months, he kept working on the song and has also shared his journey throughout the time. The song is finally out now and users on TikTok seem obsessed with it. This song Beer Beer, Truck Truck was released on YouTube on June 18th. So far, the video has amassed over 300,000 views.

This viral track has even reached the radio this week. While talking to NPR’s Radio Program, George said, “I stumbled across Erynn’s video, and it changed my life. And I feel like we’ve got a hit song on our hands now. So life comes at you funny”.

“My first reaction was, like, yeah, she makes a really good point. But my second reaction was kind of like, OK. It’d be fun to take this as a challenge and see if I can write a legitimate song using her hook off the top”, he further added.

This viral song has now become massively popular across the internet. TikTok users especially seem obsessed with it and it has given birth to a whole new trend.

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Final Thoughts

Currently, the Beer Beer Truck Truck song is flaunting across all social media platforms. The brainy heads of TikTok are coming up with their own version of  “Beer Beer Truck Truck” and the results are quite hilarious.

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