Big Head Filter TikTok — Here’s How To Get It

TikTok users are getting obsessed with a new fun-filled filter that they call the Big Head Filter. If you haven’t tried this filter yet, here is what you have missed so far.

Besides dance trends, meme trends, and other bizarre challenges, TikTok is also famous for its vast collection of filters. There are thousands of filters and video effects available for users to lay their hands over them.

The current viral filter, that is flaunting across the foryou page of TikTok is Big Head Filter. This filter is giving the users big heads and users are loving the funny looks they are getting. The hashtag Big Head Filter alone has earned over 5 million views so far.

If you are looking to get this filter on TikTok, here is where exactly the filter can be found. Stay tuned!

What Is Big Head Filter On TikTok

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Big Head Filter is a funny filter that is currently making rounds on the foryou page of TikTok. Upon applying, the filter enlarges your head giving you a funny look. Users on TikTok are using this filter to create hilarious content.

As far as the popularity of this filter is concerned, the hashtag #bighead and #bigheadfilter have acquired over 1.6 billion and 5 million views simultaneously. As you click over any of the previously mentioned hashtags, you will witness thousands of funny videos featuring this hilarious filter.

Thousands of users have already participated in this viral fun-filled trend, while there also are some who haven’t found the filter yet. The simplest way to get the filter is to search for the hashtag #bighead, as you get the results, tap on any of the videos and save the filter to the list of your favorite filters and try it out.

How To Get Big Head Filter On TikTok

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Getting the Big Head Filter On TikTok is quite simple. The easiest way to find this filter is, visit the discover page and type “big head” in the search bar. Once you type the filter name correctly, hit enter and wait for the results to generate.

Now, you will get all the videos that have used this funny filter in their videos. Select any of the videos and you will witness the filter here. Tap on the filter name and try it out. As you get the filter, stand a little far away from the camera and start recording.

As you move away from the camera, your head will start getting bigger and your body will shrink giving you a funny look. While the nearer you stand to the camera, the smaller your head will appear. So, the trick is, stand far away from the camera and it will give you a look like an infant having a big head.

You can change your hairstyle and add some baby accessories to have a funny baby look.  Users have also applied the filter while lip-syncing to a song and the results are quite hilarious.

Once you have created a funny video, add a background track and roll it over on the video-sharing app but don’t forget to add the viral #bighead and #bigheadfilter hashtags.

As this video trend has become popular on TikTok, users have taken it to other social media platforms as well. One Twitter user made a hilarious Tweet saying, “SOMEONE ON TIK TOK ASKED ME IF I HAD THE BIG HEAD FILTER ON IN ONE OF MY VIDEOS…. I DIDN’T HAVE A FILTER ON… THAT’S ACTUALLY THE SIZE OF MY FUCKING HEAD”.

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Concluding Remarks

The popular Big Head Filter on TikTok is one of the amazing tools to create hilarious videos. Have you tried this filter? If yes, what is your outlook on it? Do share your experience in the below comment box.

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