Who is Jaclyn Hill On TikTok — All You Need to Know

Jaclyn Hill, the popular YouTuber, and Instagrammer has decided to try her luck on TikTok also. The famous social influencer has recently joined the video-sharing app and users are snooping to know more about her. If you are among the users who are curious to know more about Jaclyn Hill, you have landed on the most appropriate site. Keep scrolling and find all available information about this TikTok’s newbie.

On verge of becoming popular on TikTok, Jaclyn Hill has recently joined the video-sharing app. Although she gets millions of views on her YouTube channel, her TikTok account has just started growing. The few videos she has posted recently on TikTok, have received considerable engagements, and the newbie is expected to have millions of followers very soon.

Here is more about the social influencer Jaclyn Hill. Stay Tuned!

@jacattack on TikTok

Image Of @jacattack on TikTok

Alongside being a popular Instagrammer and YouTuber, Jaclyn Hill also is a successful entrepreneur with her own cosmetic website called Jaclyn Cosmetics. She has a vast collection of makeup accessories including, eye makeup products, lip makeup products, highlighters, and brushes on her site.

She also has a considerable number of fans following her company’s Instagram account. @jacattack has amassed over 561k followers on her Instagram handle. You can find her products over Instagram under the username @jaclynhillcosmetics. Most of Instagram posts revolve around products and models wearing her products.

Her personal Instagram account has amassed even more followers. So far, she has 6.7 million fans on her official Instagram. You can find her under the username (@jaclynhill).

The new TikTok content creator @jacattack is mainly popular for her YouTube channel. On her official YouTube channel, she has earned over 5.7 million subscribers. Compared to all her social media account, Jaclyn Hill has become most popular on YouTube.

Her YouTube content is based on makeup tutorials and reviews and she claims to be a professional makeup artist. She also creates reaction videos, where she reacts to celebrity makeup and hairstyles. She created her YouTube account in the year 2010 since then she has become enormously popular among the YouTubers community.

Jaclyn Hill TikTok

Jaclyn Hill On TikTok

Although this popular celebrity has just joined the video-sharing app, she still has amassed 250k followers in a very short time span. The videos she has posted recently on TikTok have shown considerable engagement. On all the videos she has posted so far, she has earned an average of 200k to 5 million views.

TikTok users are loving her content and her old fans have also shown their support and encouragement. Her TikTok content is mainly based on her life and her latest update about moving in with @moreseasoning1. The recent video she has posted featuring @moreseasoning1 has got over 2.2 million views.

Besides TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, she is also quite active on Twitter. She has earned over two million followers on her official TikTok handle. Jaclyn Hill is said to be more active on her TikTok account so, if you are interested in talking to her, follow her on Twitter. Her Twitter username goes as @Jaclynhill.

On her Twitter account, @Jaclynhill interacts more with her fans. She loves chit-chatting with her followers and tries to stay in touch with her fam.

In a recent Tweet, @Jaclynhill asked her fans to suggest her some healthy snacks. The Tweet reads, “What are your favorite healthy snacks?! Inspire me & let’s inspire each other!!”

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Bottom Line

This was all about the popular YouTube star Jaclyn Hill who has recently made her debut on TikTok. Hopefully, you have got enough information about this popular entrepreneur.

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