TikTok Magnet Challenge — Another Dodgy Challenge

Another day has passed and TikTok users are here with another dangerous challenge. The TikTok Magnet Challenge is getting all the entire limelight from the video-sharing app. However, this challenge has endangered many lives. Here is what this challenge is all about.

This isn’t the first time, TikTok users have come up with a life-threatening challenge. In past also, we have witnessed several cases where users attempted dangerous challenges and ended up in hospital. The most recent challenge, the Milk Crate Challenge was among such challenges that gave severe injuries to the users who attempted it. Thousands of users ended up in hospitals after falling to the ground, following the Milk Crate challenge.

Currently, another challenge named “TikTok Magnet Challenge” is going viral on the platform. This dangerous challenge has endangered the lives of people; especially the young children who have suffered a lot.  Here are some of the extreme incidents followed by this risky video trend.

What Is TikTok Magnet Challenge?

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TikTok Magnet Challenge is the current viral video trend that involves the users placing a small metal magnetic ball on their tongue to create the look of a tongue piercing. Some users are placing it on their noses to create a similar look.

After attempting the risky Magnet Challenge two young children, aging 11 and 13 have gone through major surgeries. A surge in hospital admission of children is also reported after they have swallowed the tiny magnets. As a result of this, the hospitalized children are said to have serious complications and surgeries afterward.

Considering the risks attached to this dangerous challenge, many users have taken it to Twitter and other social media platforms.

Reporting a serious incident following the Magnet Challenge, one TikTok user wrote, “Scots lad, 9, ‘lucky to be alive’ after undergoing life-saving surgery following viral TikTok magnet challenge”.

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Is TikTok Magnet Challenge Dangerous?

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As explained earlier, the viral Magnet Challenge has threatened the lives of many young children; hence you must not attempt it.

According to a Sky News report, “At least 65 children have been admitted to hospital in England for urgent surgery after swallowing magnets in the last three years“.

The report further says, if the magnetic balls are swallowed, they “…can become forced together in the intestines or bowels, squeezing the tissue and cutting off the blood supply.”

There are thousands of incidents that involve swallowing the magnetic balls that lead to severe complications in young children. NHS has also addressed this issue, in their Twitter posts dating back to 2020. They wrote, “Please avoid giving your child toys with #MagneticBalls in them, they can be very dangerous if swallowed.

While magnets in toys should cover safety standards, it’s very easy to buy dangerous magnetic toys online, with no guarantees they are safe.”

Considering the health risks, several challenges must be removed from social media platforms. To do so, users should report videos that seem dangerous. Here are the instructions you must follow in order to report a video on TikTok.

In order to report a video, firstly open the video and then tap on the share icon. Following this, select the appropriate reason for reporting the video and tap on the submit button. Also, ask your friends to join you in reporting such videos for a prompt response.

Considering such dangerous challenges, a TikTok spokesperson said, “Our Community Guidelines make clear what kind of content is not acceptable on our platform, and this includes content that encourages, promotes, or glorifies dangerous behavior that might lead to injury.”

Last Words

This was all about the viral TikTok Magnet Challenge that has endangered the lives of many young children. Hopefully, you are fully aware of the risks that revolve around this dodgy trend.

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