Bowling Ball And Bowling Pin Meme Meaning — Explored

A meme showing a bowling ball and a bowling pin is getting traction on Twitter and users are curious to know its meaning. Some users are warning their friends not to look up the meaning of a bowling ball and a bowling pin meme, however it only had added to the curiosity of internet users.  If you are among these users looking for the meaning of this trendy meme, here is everything you need to know.

The bowling pin and ball meme is getting so far now and Twitter users have called it the worst meme of the year. Although memes keep coming and disappearing from social media platforms, this dank meme seems to go so far now.

The meme that is currently circulating on Twitter is a CGI (computer-generated image) that shows a bowling ball and a bowling pin. Users are confused as they have found it a simple image, but we have got you the actual meaning behind this meme. Here is the hidden story behind the viral bowling ball and a bowling pin Twitter meme.

What Is The Meaning Of Bowling Ball And Bowling Pin Meme?

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of Bowling Ball And Bowling Pin Meme

Most internet users have encountered this meme for the very first time however, it actually existed for quite a long now. It has resurfaced on the internet after a Twitter post made by Nintendo of Europe.

In the video Tweet shared by Nintendo of Europe on April 5th, the bowling game from Nintendo Switch Sports was featured that amassed over 33K views as of now. This Tweet has left several users in splits as they have found some lewd GIFs popping under the comment section of the video. Some users have found these GIFs funny while others have found them offensive. The GIFs are said to be developed by a Blender artist named Wyerframez.

Wyerframez is known for creating lewd GIFs, a single scroll on his Twitter handle will help you understand everything.

The animated GIF posted under the Nintendo video features a bowling ball e**culating all over a set of pins to score a strike.

After seeing these GIFs, users have come up with several variations of this viral meme. Below are some notable reactions given by the users.

Bowling Ball And Bowling Pin Twitter Meme Explained

Image Of Bowling Ball And Bowling Pin Twitter Meme Explained

One user on Twitter wrote, “The bowling ball bowling pin meme is already the worst meme of 2022”.

Another said, “Guys if you see a gif of a bowling pin and a bowling ball please don’t open it. Worst mistake of my life”.

“That CGI bowling pin and ball gif was the worst gif disgrace to the internet”, wrote another user.

Another Tweet read: “You people think the bowling ball and pin s** gif is the worst thing ever?!?!?!? You clearly have not dug deep into the Internet!!!!”

“Had no idea what the bowling ball and pin meme was and I regret finding out LMFAO”, said another user.

One user who has wasted quite a lot of time watching these GIFs wrote, “My God the amount of times I’ve seen that bowling ball and pins meme or memes related to it is tiresome”.

Another hilarious Tweet read: “I swear to god I’ll snap that stupid pin and bowling ball in half”.

“Back when a bowling ball and a bowling pin looks like a normal object”, wrote another user on Twitter.

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The Last Words

This was all about the hidden meaning of a bowling ball and a bowling pin meme. Hopefully, we are able to convey all the available information about this Twitter meme. What’s your opinion about these viral GIFs? Let us know in the comment box below.

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