Was A Mermaid Found In Africa? Mermaid Video Goes Viral

Another day and a brand new conspiracy video is flaunting across TikTok. This time the viral video claims that a mermaid was found in Africa. The viral video doesn’t only claim a mermaid to be found, but it showcases one. Here is what we know about this video so far.

Seeing videos backing conspiracies on TikTok is no surprise. From time travelers to flying brooms and alien sea creatures, we have encountered hundreds of videos that claimed seeing weird objects. To your surprise, most of these videos amass popularity and boast millions of views as people love getting into things that create curiosity.

Just recently, a video claiming to have seen a sea mermaid has gone viral on the video-sharing app and it has now become the talk of the town. From Twitter to TikTok and several other social media platforms, the video is being discussed on every possible social platform.

Here is more about whether or not a mermaid was found in Africa.

African Mermaid TikTok Video

A video titled ‘mermaid in Kenya’ is making rounds on the foryou page of TikTok and users are curious to know if it really happened. Besides TikTok, the video is getting attention on several other social media platforms.

The video creator who has uploaded this masterpiece is @skinfluencebymsk and he has garnered over 8.8 million views as of now. Talking about this viral video, the video creator revealed that she uploaded this snippet after several users tagged her in their posts.

In the first part of the video, @skinfluencebymsk talks about the nature of the video clip to help the audience understand what it actually is. In the latter part of the video, she shares footage of people gathered around a washed-up creature on a beach. The people in the video claim it to be a mermaid.

As shown in the video, the bottom half of the weird creature resembled a fish while the upper part appears to be a young person with closed eyes and arms spread out.

The video attracted millions of users; most of them were confused about whether or not to believe the snippet. The video creator captioned the video: “It’s not that serious guys. If you believe it you believe, if you don’t, you don’t — simple. Don’t get so aggressive in comments.”

Mermaid Found In Africa

Image Of Mermaid Found In Africa

Well, as far as the video is concerned, we couldn’t find it a legitimate one. The video appears to be a chunk from a YouTube video they were able to find. The original YouTube video is 2 minutes longer however the one we saw on TikTok is relatively smaller.

In the YouTube video, if you pause it at 0:07, you can understand that there is a gap between the girl’s belly and the fishtail. From this, we have concluded that the mermaid is nothing else but a fishtail attached to a human body. And the young woman seen in the video seems to have been wearing a wig.

Most of the TikTok users also have found this video authentic and they have poured the video with thousands of comments. One person wrote, “The way the fins are moving is at the same time, almost in rhythm. That screams puppeted, not reactionary.”

Another said, “To me, it looks like a child inside the mouth of a fish. And people calling her a mermaid.”

My main wonder is, did they check to see if the fish and human parts were connected? Did a fish swallow a kid or were they actually one living thing?”, wrote another user.

 “She’s literally wearing an ombre wig — you think mermaids got a wig store?” commented one.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the Mermaid that was found in Africa. Hopefully, we are able to convey all the available information.

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